"Legion" star Rachel Keller joins a long list of actors who have explored the comic book universe, in her case one established by Marvel's X-Men series. That club includes fellow cast members from the 2015 season of "Fargo."

Kirsten Dunst

"Fargo" role: Plucky hairdresser wrapped up in a web of lies. In real life, gets engaged to co-star Jesse Plemons.

Comic connection: Plucky waitress wrapped up in Peter Parker's web in "Spider-Man" franchise (2002-07). In real life, dated co-star Tobey Maguire.

Patrick Wilson

"Fargo" role: Well-intentioned state trooper haunted by Vietnam War experiences.

Comic connection: Bad-intentioned Orm in 2018 film "Aquaman," haunted by experiences as a super-swimmer's less talented brother.

Bokeem Woodbine

"Fargo" role: Easily amused mob enforcer Mike Milligan, who's challenged by naive kids.

Comic connection: Easily ticked-off supervillain Shocker in 2017's "Spider-Man: Homecoming." Challenged by naive crime-fighter.

Ted Danson

"Fargo" role: Laconic county sheriff. Won't let a bullet to the chest put him down.

Comic connection: Leslie Nielsen's "victim" in 1982 "Creepshow" anthology film. Won't let being buried in the sand put him down.

Brad Garrett

"Fargo" role: Voice of menace as Kansas City mob boss.

Comic connection: Voice of Lobo, violence-loving bounty hunter in '90s animated series "Superman."