Pet sounds

Richard Thomas, still valiantly trying to arrange another Waltons get-together, settles for narrating "Animal Reunions," a new "Nature" special in which caregivers try to prove that elephants, as well as other creatures, never forget.

7 p.m. TPT, Ch. 2

Take me to your leader

Aaron Paul has driven out of the mayhem of "Breaking Bad" and into another sticky mess. In "The Path," the red-hot actor stars as a cult member who is starting to doubt his faith. Spending all that time with Walter White will do that to you. Could this be the series that makes people sit up and take notice of Hulu?

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By George!

In "Lopez," comedian George Lopez doesn't shy away from his tabloid past, most notably the fact that he divorced his wife shortly after she gave him a kidney. It's a second-rate but still delightful version of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Through it all, the star is anything but a good sport, which is what makes his ordeals so believable — and so funny.

9 p.m. TV Land

Neal Justin