Ready or not, here comes winter! A storm moving southward through the Intermountain West has already dumped a foot of snow on the mountains of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico.

West Texas will be getting a couple/few inches overnight, then the storm will dwindle as it moves into the central part of the state. The snow will get going again later Friday in southeastern Texas as a new area of low pressure forms in the western Gulf of Mexico.

It's that Gulf storm that is causing the concern for snow through the central Atlantic region Saturday. As you well know, sometimes these Gulf systems get big and nasty when they turn up the Eastern Seaboard. This one shouldn't turn into a full-blown nor'easter, but it will dump enough snow to cause widespread poor travel Saturday from northern Georgia to Virginia. The higher elevations of western Virginia and western North Carolina could get 6 inches or more from the storm, while amounts will be considerably less toward the north and east.

Sorry, but the verdict is still out as to whether or not the snow will get as far north as New England. If it does, the most likely time for it is later Saturday and Saturday night.

Story By Expert Meteorologist John Kocet.