A 16-day-old baby was found dead in Brooklyn Park on Monday.

Police said say they found blood on the girl’s face, in her lungs and throughout her mother’s home.

The girl’s mother called police and said “she’s dead” and that “there is blood all over,” according to a search warrant filed Wednesday.

Brooklyn Park police said attempts to revive the girl were made for 40 minutes before she was pronounced dead.

Officers also found several large kitchen knives lying around the living room area.

The mother told police that she was breast-feeding her daughter and fell asleep, potentially smothering the girl. After finding open alcohol containers near where the mother was sleeping, her blood alcohol level was tested and found to be .15, nearly twice the legal driving limit.

“Your affiant knows from training and experience that the symptoms of a large amount of blood coming from the mouth and nose of a 16-day-old are not common to positional asphyxiation,” a Brooklyn Park officer wrote in the warrant.

The mother was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment and released late Tuesday night. Deputy Police Chief Mark Bruley said late Wednesday afternoon that the woman “was released with no charges at this time, and we will be working on the case for presenting to the county attorney in the near future.”