298: Number of calories burned by a 155-pound person bicycling 12-14 miles per hour for 30 minutes

244,000: Number of people in the Twin Cities area who occasionally commute by bicycle.

31: Percent lower odds of obesity for people who bicycle commute three times per week.

12 to 61: Number of deaths per year prevented in the Twin Cities metropolitan area because of bicycle commuting.

100 million to 500 million: Annual dollars saved in health costs through bike commuting in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

4.1: Percent of Minneapolis workers who commute by bicycle, behind only Portland, Ore., and Madison, Wis., among cities larger than 200,000.

81: Minneapolis’ “Bike Score” out of a top score of 100, the most bikeable score among U.S. cities, according to walkscore.com.

165 million to 198 million: Number of bicycle miles ridden annually in Minnesota.


Sources: Harvard Health Publications, U.S. Census Bureau, Minnesota Department of Transportation, walkscore.com.