President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and others at the Oval Office in May.

GOP wants us to fear 'President Harris'

Here's how Biden should respond.

Yeah, basically, Saudi Arabia now owns golf

June 7
Golfer Phil Mickelson was instrumental in promoting and participating in the Saudi-funded LIV Golf League that the PGA Tour has agreed to merge with.
The PGA Tour teams up unnecessarily with a country that lacks freedom and has a history of murder. As Phil Mickelson put it, apparently earnestly: "Awesome day today."

Counterpoint: Work requirements don't work, do harm — and have even bigger problems

June 6
The Capitol building at sunrise in Washington.
What we typically consider "welfare" is underinclusive.

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Ron Way
June 7
“Gas pricing, says the Oil Price Information Service, is always driven by international supply and demand, and influenced by strength of the U.S. do

The case against the case against a higher gas tax

From a consumer standpoint, Minnesota's small bump won't affect pump prices. Though from a wear-and-tear standpoint, trucking is a bigger issue.
New Voices
June 7
“According to the Minnesota Housing Partnership, we have 169,585 extremely low-income renters who earn 30% or less of the area median income in Minn

New Voices: Supportive housing is nearing crisis

Our residents deserve safe, dignified housing, and we can't do that with current funding.
Matthew Loucks
June 7
A security guard watched over Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis in April 2021.

Editorial counterpoint: Getting people downtown requires safety above all

There's no chicken-or-egg question about it. It's obvious.
June 6

Make weight-loss drugs affordable

Given the scale of potential health benefits, some Medicare coverage is a good idea.
Dawanna Witt
June 6
“Over the last four years, we’ve experienced sharp increases in gun violence, fentanyl overdose deaths and juvenile crime. As these societal probl

Hennepin County Sheriff Dawanna Witt: My assessment of the funding situation in law enforcement

If we are responsible for public safety, we must be given the resources to address it. At the moment, we struggle to provide even the basics.
Betty Folliard
June 6
Kathryn Ringham holds up an ERA YES sign in the State Capitol Rotunda during a rally for the Equal Rights Amendment, Monday, Jan. 31, 2022, St. Paul,

Counterpoint: This was the most successful ERA session in 50 years

Here's an accounting of the progress that was made and how.
Matthew Yglesias
June 6
President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., met in the Oval Office in May during debt ceiling negotiations.

The debt-limit crisis is over. Now on to the debt crisis.

These days, austerity makes much more sense, making possible all sorts of win-win bargains.
the Editorial Board of the Chicago Tribune
June 6
Sugar beets were collected after harvest.

2023 farm bill must say no to Big Sugar

A government program in effect since the 1930s amounts to a Soviet-style subsidy.
Carolyn Hartz
June 5
“An educational institution can be healthy only to the extent that it prepares people to deal with important issues,” Carolyn Hartz writes.

Counterpoint: Why higher ed must teach the liberal arts

St. Cloud State University should reconsider its values and its agenda of program cuts.
James Brewer Stewart
June 5
“In 1969, 75 new first-year students ... all requiring heavy financial aid and almost all of them Black, suddenly assembled for orientation at pract

Counterpoint: In embracing a future after affirmative action, Macalester can draw on its past

Graduates of the Equal Educational Opportunity Program who are about to gather for a 50-year reunion can help make history repeat.
Margaret Todd Maitland
June 5
U.S. reinforcements wade through the surf as they land at Normandy in the days following the Allies’ D-Day invasion of occupied France in June 1944.

D-Day and grief — from the personal to the universal

On a summer visit to Normandy I had hoped to avoid thoughts of loss. That proved impossible.
Harry Litman
June 5
Aides moved boxes out of the White House as President Donald Trump prepared to board Marine One on his last day as president on Jan. 20, 2021.

The movement in the Trump documents case

It was already dire for the former president. Now it looks even worse.
Bret Stephens
June 5
University of Chicago during graduation week, June 2, 2023. “This is a speech about speaking your mind when other people don’t want you to,” sai

Go forth and argue

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens' speech to University of Chicago graduates: "This is a speech about speaking your mind when other people don't want you to."
Annette Meeks and Eric Wang
June 4
The view from the Minnesota State Capitol.

Minnesota climate turns chilly for free speech

A sweeping elections bill likely puts Minnesotans at risk for harassment and intimidation for their beliefs.
Dan Hofrenning
June 4
Minnesota State Capitol building.

Tax, spend, elect. Repeat.

An updated version of this formula from Harry Hopkins could work in Minnesota.
Erin Murphy
June 4
The Mayo Clinic Gonda building in Rochester.

Counterpoint: Disney is right; Mayo is wrong

In Florida, Disney is fighting for LGBTQ rights, education and more. In Minnesota, Mayo is fighting to silence nurses.
From Star Tribune Opinion editors
June 3
Where does Minnesota go from here?

Where does Minnesota go from here?

Calling all visionaries: A request for submissions.
Nicholas Kristof
June 3
Mississippi “is lifting education outcomes and soaring in the national rankings.”

Mississippi learning: What a Southern backwater can teach America

Education outcomes are improving across the state, proving poverty is no excuse.
Peter Hutchinson
June 2
“The [court-enforceable] agreement is over 100 pages long and includes hundreds of requirements for changes in policy, practice, training and holdin

Court should not consent to police reforms — yet

The focus of the agreement should be on outcomes, not just requirements.
Joe Tamburino
June 2
Attorney General Keith Ellison.

Could Ellison's book create new appeal grounds for Chauvin?

Ellison's use of mock trials could cause problems for his prosecution.
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