President Joe Biden, right, shakes the hand of Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during a meeting on the sidelines of the NATO Summit in Washing

A restive West warily watches U.S. election

Turmoil roiling the Democrats — and America's democracy — shadowed this week's summit of NATO nations.

The parallels between the Olympic trials and my local playground

July 12
From left to right, Hezly Rivera, Joscelyn Roberson, Suni Lee, Simone Biles, Jade Carey, Jordan Chiles and Leanne Wong smile after they were named to
Overcoming fear, whether you're trying to make Team USA or learning how to be 4 years old.

It's not just hype — AI could revolutionize diagnosis in medicine

July 12
Artificial intelligence can solve fundamental problems in disease diagnosis, write Drs. Gaurav Singal and Anupam B. Jena.
Here's how and what it will take to do it right.

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Robin Wonsley
July 11
Mayor "Frey’s insistence on rubber-stamping a police contract without any meaningful, permanent reforms while at the same time demanding the defundi

Council Member Robin Wonsley: Minneapolis police contract must include permanent, robust reforms

The mayor made promises and is not delivering.
Robin Abcarian
July 11
Vice President Kamala Harris reacts to support from the crowd at a campaign rally July 9 in Las Vegas.

Who should be President Joe Biden's replacement?

The answer is an obvious one.
Dave Anderson
July 10
U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., and U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., catch an elevator to go to the Senate Chamber in the U.S. Capitol on Thursday,

Three kinds of independents

The first two you know. Let me introduce you to the third kind, one that could actually have a seat at the table.
the Editorial Board of the Las Vegas Review-Journal
July 10

Release the Hur tapes

Special counsel's interview with Biden is now even more relevant.
Quentin Wittrock
July 10
MAGA hats sit on empty seats during an election watch party, Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020, in Chandler, Ariz.

Populism is like botulism

The analogies almost write themselves.
Pamela Paul
July 10
Neil Gaiman in New York, Dec. 2, 2016. "The author was recently accused of sex abuse and rape, allegations he has emphatically denied. We don’t know

It's an old story: Great authors are not always great people

Consider the recent names vying for the list: Neil Gaiman and Alice Munro.
Adam Minter
July 10
Sand has been placed at the Eiffel Tower stadium, which will host the Beach Volleyball competitions during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Only locals should be allowed to attend the Olympics

About a quarter of the event's carbon emissions will come from spectator travel.
Peggy Flanagan
July 9
"The Canadian market is now experiencing a rapidly growing demand for other Indigenous foods from Minnesota," Peggy Flanagan writes. Above, foods such

Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan: First-ever trade mission focused on Indigenous products shows the market is ready

Canada has a strong demand for Indigenous foods from Minnesota, and we can provide.
Robbyn Wacker
July 9
"It’s crucial to set the record straight — the challenges facing SCSU are, in fact, not exclusive to SCSU. Promoting this misconception diverts at

Former St. Cloud State president on enrollment issues across region

It's crucial that state leaders and regional universities move away from outdated thinking about who we serve and how we serve them.
Ian Chisholm and Luther Aadland
July 9
The west bank of the river at the Rapidan Dam has seen major erosion from the flood in Mankato on July 2.

After the Rapidan Dam mess, a call for river restoration

Removing the dam would allow the Blue Earth River's ecological health to thrive.
the Editorial Board of the New York Daily News
July 9

The French and British make their voices heard

Nothing is automatic.
Stephen Smith
July 9
A child pushes the elevator button to the 20th floor at an apartment building in New York,

The relative scarcity of the American elevator says something about housing costs

And how overregulation may be hindering America's ability to keep up with the rest of the world.
the Editorial Board of the Chicago Tribune
July 8

Thanks for that $5 deal, McDonald's

Americans deserved a break today, and we'll take this one — in moderation.
Peter Hutchinson
July 8
People watch the presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump at Shaw’s Tavern in Washington, June 27.

A road map for Democrats between now and the convention

Consider it "Reality TV: Governing America."
Hamse Warfa
July 8
President Joe Biden, right, and Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump, left, stand during break in a presidential debate hos

A Somali American presidential appointee's perspective on the presidential election

"Democracy or authoritarianism?" is the question that must not be lost in this campaign.
Dave Nimmer
July 8
President Joe Biden boards Air Force One to depart at Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wis., following a campaign visit July 5.

A letter to the president

Accept it. You're not the same. It happens to the best of us.
Robin Abcarian
July 8
Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., speaks during a news conference on the surgeon general’s advisory declaring gun violence as a public health crisis on Ca

The work of the surgeon general: Why acknowledging the gun threat matters

Finally, some focused attention at the federal level.
Stephen Mihm
July 8
The U.S. surgeon general is demanding warning labels for social media platforms similar to those on cigarette packaging meant to discourage young peop

The work of the surgeon general: Why social media warning labels will fail

Cigarette labels were bad. Social media labels would be worse.
the Editorial Board of the Philadelphia Inquirer
July 7
Donald Trump walks offstage during a commercial break in the debate with President Joe Biden on June 27 in Atlanta.

Know who should really step aside?

To serve his country, Donald Trump should leave the race, the Editorial Board of the Philadelphia Inquirer argues.
George Crocker
July 7
Inside the main control room of Xcel Energy’s Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant in 2023.

Counterpoint: New fission reactors are a dangerous folly

A better course is to generate wind and solar energy close to where it will be used.

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