"More than 3 million Minnesotans count on Allina Health for their care. We are committed to making sure each of them can continue to access the best c

Counterpoint: Allina's new lab partnership won't impede urgent testing or care

We did months of significant diligence, research and analysis to ensure the change would be in line with our caring mission.

Counterpoint: Minneapolis school closures not yet a done deal

"It is our responsibility as a city to see that every single child that enters the doors of our public schools comes out with everything they need to
There's a necessary discussion, though, and challenges that require us to take our responsibilities seriously.

Republicans' war on divorce is just Christian nationalism in disguise

Shawn McAnelly is seen during the Republican National Convention July 17 in Milwaukee.
If the Supreme Court were to find no-fault divorce laws unconstitutional, it would represent an immediate and dramatic setback for women's rights.

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Avonna Starck
Northern Iron and Machine is seen on June 20 in St. Paul.

Credit on fighting pollution where credit is due

On Northern Iron, the MPCA did the job we asked it to do. A judge should've given more weight to the agency's expertise.
the Editorial Board of the Washington Post
July 17

In favor of national service for young Americans

There shouldn't be a mandate, but government can make it tempting.
E.J. Fagan
July 17
An American flag is seen upside down at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, May 31.

Despite Trump's denials, he and Project 2025 are close

An understanding of the influence of the Heritage Foundation.
the Editorial Board of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
July 17
Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump arrives during the second day of the Republican National Convention at the Fiserv Foru

Trump and 'Project 2025′

Everyone should familiarize themselves with this road map for autocracy.
Matthew Continetti
July 17
Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump and Republican vice presidential candidate Sen. JD Vance, R-Ohio, arrive during the se

What Trump sees in Vance, his new apprentice

The former president was probably thinking of 2028 and beyond, and where he wants the GOP to go.
Daniel Duty
July 16
"Urban cities like Minneapolis need to create a bigger tree canopy to ward off the effects of climate change and keep our city cool," the writer says.

The failed promise of a Minneapolis tree canopy

Consider how all those projects rebuilding roads and sidewalks have played out.
the Editorial Board of Bloomberg Opinion
July 16

Nuclear energy gets much-needed boost

Biden signs a law that could be transformative.
Teresa Brees
July 16
"Until July 24, members of the public can provide input on the pay and holiday standards voted on in April before they land in the final budget in Aug

Raising nursing home standards helps all of us

Nursing home workers and residents can't wait any longer for change.
Matt Hoffman
July 16
"Allina is choosing to deny access to vital same-day laboratory testing for patients across the metro area. Lab delays are just the latest move by All

Allina's lab work move is another blow to the well-being of patients

It's part of a concerning trend by Allina Health executives to decrease care available to patients.
Daniel Schlozman
July 16
President Joe Biden walks to board Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., July 15 as he heads to Las Vegas.

Democrats don't have a nominee until delegates say so

And delegates could choose a new one at the convention.
Catherine Shreves, John Satorius, Rebecca Thoman and Jane Lansing
July 15
"The police contract is just one of many vehicles for reform, and this contract contains significant reform wins for people who live in or visit Minne

Minneapolis police contract is just one of many vehicles for reform, and this is not the end of that effort

It's progress, though, and we recommend its approval.
Michael Rainville
July 15
Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara sits beside his senior command staff during a city council committee hearing June 25 at the Minneapolis Public

City Council Member Michael Rainville: Why I'm voting yes on the proposed police contract

It represents a commonsense solution to our problem.
Francis Wilkinson
July 15
Crime scene tape is placed around the stage at the site of a campaign rally for former President Donald Trump in Butler, Pa., on July 13.

Trump shooter's motive is irrelevant. It's about guns.

This Supreme Court, along with the Republican Party, encourages Americans to buy and possess extraordinarily efficient mass killing machines.
Matt Becker
July 14
Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin was inducted into the franchise's Ring of Honor in 2021.

A coach for a season, an impact for a lifetime

An open letter to Monte Kiffin, who died Thursday.
Katie Jones
July 14
A paddle boarder and her dog are dwarfed by the Minneapolis skyline while enjoying Lake Nokomis.

What's good for Minneapolis is good for Minnesota

If elected, here's the message I will carry to the State Capitol.
Virgil Wiebe
July 14
"In fact, a review of every prosecution related to non-citizen voting and non-citizen voter registration in the state of Minnesota since 2015 — duri

Why noncitizen voting is not an issue in Minnesota

Even though Republicans are concerned about it.
Steven Schier
July 13
Dean Phillips and Nikki Haley are two people who represent good American leadership, Steven Schier writes.

Looking for good American leadership?

Here are four examples of leaders who would drive us forward, not apart.
Kathy Tunheim
July 13
"It is time to imagine where we go from here. Imagine, and then lean in, to the work of moving us there," Kathy Tunheim writes.

Calling on all those who self-identify as leaders

Change is long overdue, and we're the ones who can get the work started.
the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal
July 13

The foreign policy vision to heed

House Speaker Mike Johnson presents no false choice between meeting problems at home and threats abroad.
Liz Fedor
July 13
Indiana Fever's Caitlin Clark speaks during a WNBA basketball news conference April 17 in Indianapolis.

Caitlin Clark effect extends to the CEO suite

With more young girls participating in sports, we can expect high career aspirations to follow.
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