Ride, captain, ride

Andy Samberg may be the star and co-creator of the sports mockumentary “Tour de Pharmacy,” but the real draw here is a cameo from Lance Armstrong, who appears to have developed a sense of humor about his past use of performance-enhancing drugs. The cast also includes non-athletes Jeff Goldblum, Orlando Bloom, Kevin Bacon and Julia Ormond.

9 p.m. Saturday, HBO

Wild at heart

Animator Myles Langlois has said the inspiration behind his new cartoon series “Apollo Gauntlet” is “He-Man,” “Mystery Science Theater 3000” and the work of David Lynch, a combination that has me both intrigued and a little frightened. The plot: An ordinary cop finds he’s got more street cred after the evil Dr. Benign transports him to a different world.

11:15 p.m. Sunday, Adult Swim

Bygone be bygones

It’s been a decade since Alec Baldwin got raked over the coals for leaving a nasty message on his daughter’s voice mail, long enough ago for his kid, Ireland, to make fun of the incident and long enough ago for Dad to be honored during “One Night Only: Alec Baldwin” with the help of Robert De Niro, Julianne Moore and Kate McKinnon.

8 p.m. Sunday, Spike

Neal Justin