No Bull

Stephen Curry may end up being the greatest basketball player of all time, but he can't completely fill Michael Jordan's Nikes until he stars in a cult classic like 1996's "Space Jam," in which His Airness must rescue Bugs Bunny from an evil amusement park, a task much more daunting than outscoring "Trainwreck" star LeBron James. 7 p.m. VH1

Savage love

If the Vikings could raid and trade their way across the Earth for three centuries, then certainly their TV descendant "Vikings" can muster a fourth season. Travis Fimmel returns as Ragnar, a warrior battling a deathly illness, a power struggle and the gnawing belief that he'll never be as beloved as the comic world's Hagar the Horrible. 9 p.m. History

History boy

Stand-up comedian, game show host and now history professor? "Join or Die With Craig Ferguson" is the quick-witted personality's latest attempt to reinvent himself since leaving "The Late Late Show." Judd Apatow, Lisa Kudrow and Jay Leno will be among the guests debating Ferguson on such topics as the most pathetic presidential campaign and America's most powerful frenemies. Look for the host to mention his U.S. citizenship before every other commercial. 10 p.m. History Channel

Neal Justin