Making a deal

"Facing," a new documentary series about opposition to some of recent history's greatest icons, kicks off with red-hot villain Pablo Escobar and filmmakers examining how the drug lord built a cocaine empire without the luxury of having "Scarface" 's Tony Montana as a client.

8 p.m. National Geographic

Passenger side

"Chasing Classic Cars" celebrates its 150th episode with host Wayne Carini hunting down a Ford Model A400 that once belonged to his dad. We're guessing a young Carini left a GI Joe in the back seat. The episode also showcases a 1962 Maserati 3500 GT Superleggera Coupe, which may be the worst Twitter handle of all time.

9 p.m. Velocity

To Rome with love

The disastrous showing of "Ben-Hur" at the box office is a vivid reminder that gladiator movies can put studios in the lion's den — or elevate them into the royal box. "Spartacus," the game-changing 1960 film, definitely falls into the latter category, although its maverick director, Stanley Kubrick, would all but disavow the movie.

9 p.m. TCM

Neal Justin