Minnetonka approved minor tweaks Monday night to the city's liquor ordinance and liquor policy.

Earlier this month, after requests from Target and Total Wine, city leaders discussed making more significant changes, such as eliminating the number limit in the city's policy, which says that 12 liquor stores for Minnetonka is "generally adequate to serve the city." The west metro suburb currently has 11 off-sale liquor licenses.

But city leaders on Monday unanimously approved minor wording changes. For example, they differentiated Ridgedale from other areas, recognizing that the zone around the mall could have the capacity for more liquor stores.

Other cities restrict the ratio of liquor stores per resident or limit how close stores are to schools or day cares. Minnetonka's policy does neither, allowing more flexibility, city leaders say, for an ever-evolving industry.

The city's policy says the council has the right to not issue licenses if the number of liquor stores falls below 12 and would also consider liquor licenses over the maximum if the business offered a "distinctive specialty service, or is a complementary part of a business," and is part of a village area without a store.