In an effort to improve safety for pedestrians, city crews in Minneapolis are replacing thousands of parallel-line crosswalk markings with wide bars.

Roughly 3,000 marked crosswalks will be repainted this year, city officials announced Friday. A more durable material will be used instead of paint at 120 intersections.

The switch began last year, with crews remarking the crosswalks as part of street and traffic-signal construction projects. Crews are making the switch to the more visible markings without waiting for construction.

By the end of the year, nearly all existing marked crosswalks on city and Hennepin County streets in Minneapolis will have the new stripes.

"Making the switch will help enhance pedestrian safety and make people more comfortable using crosswalks," the city's announcement read.

Marked or not, state law requires that motorists stop for crossing pedestrians at all intersections.

City officials added that they will work with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to evaluate marked parkway crosswalks, with some segments of the parkway system receiving the new scheme next year.

Crosswalks on major highways in Minneapolis, maintained by the state, are not part of the city's undertaking.