For the most post, Lucy Kaplansky's latest Minneapolis show was business as usual. There were songs about still having the hots for her husband, tributes to her parents and covers by Lyle Lovett, Bruce Springsteen and The Beatles.

But the folk artist had a couple surprises on her setlist Saturday at the Cedar Cultural Center. The most amusing was the debut of a new song about the family dog, so fresh that her husband doesn't even know she wrote it (Kaplansky spent almost as much time apologizing for doing the work-in-progress than she did performing it).

But another moment had more of an historic resonance, at least for those who follow folk music.

First, a little background: In the '80s, Kaplansky and Shawn Colvin were a popular duo team on the Greenwich Village scene. Kaplansky eventually decided to pursue a psychology career; Colvin continued on a music path that would lead to hits like "I Don't Know Why" and "Sunny Came Home."

In 1994, Kaplansky decided to give music another shot and Colvin produced her well-received debut album, "The Tide." And then, somewhere along the line, a riff developed.

Kaplansky doesn't address what drove them apart in the new song, "Old Friends," instead focusing on how much she looks up to the Grammy-winning star and "the way you showed the guys a girl could sing or write a song."

Kaplansky never mentioned Colvin on stage, but she confirmed after the show that it was indeed about her and that the two had recently mended fences. She's even played the song for Colvin and gotten her approval. The song has yet to be recorded.

Opening for Kaplansky was Duluth native Rachael Kilgour who has a whole arsenal of impressive songs about forgiveness, inspired by a recent divorce. A concert celebrating the release of her latest album, "Rabbit in the Road," will be Saturday in the River Room at Aster Cafe.