How does that song go? Something like, "Oh the weather outside is frightful".Well, believe me that's the type of weather that exists to the lee of the GreatLakes now, and the local lake-effect storms will continue to spew heaps of snowfor another day.

The atmosphere has been put into such a turmoil, that thunder snows are beingreported just east of lakes Erie and Ontario. The blinding swirling snowfallhas made travel next to impossible between Erie, Pa., and Buffalo, N.Y., andalso up toward Watertown, N.Y. The snow has been coming down at up to 2 inchesper hour with over 1 foot of new snow falling since early this morning.

Overnight, the bands will shift somewhat toward the south. That will take theheaviest snow out of the immediate Buffalo area, but the region south of therewill continue to get clobbered. Somewhere between Dunkirk and Orchard Parkthere will be snowfalls as great as 3 feet by Friday evening.

Let's not forget the Michigan snow belts. Two areas were getting hit prettyhard today. Quite a bit of squall activity has been showing up north ofCadillac, Mich. Farther south, Muskegon, Grand Rapids and Holland have all beexperiencing periods of heavy snow.

Throughout all of the Great Lakes snow belts, the snow that is falling is dry,powdery and easily blown by the wind. This is creating localized blizzardconditions which is making travel difficult to totally impossible.

Story by Senior Meteorologist John Kocet