A 40-car pile-up occurred along Interstate 70 near Bonner Springs in Kansas onSunday afternoon, forcing officials to close part of the heavily traveledhighway for several hours, including during the height of the evening commute.A snowstorm dumping the heaviest snow over the Ohio Valley brought a suddenburst of snow across parts of the southern Plains on Sunday. The snow wastriggered along the storm's cold front pressing southward through the region.

Increasing wind behind the front created additional problems by blowing thesnow around and further reducing the visibility to half a mile in the regionwhere the crash occurred.

Sunday night into early this morning, the cold front pressed farther south andeast across the Gulf States, delivering another round of rare snow to parts ofthe region. While the snow was not as heavy as the snow that fell Friday intoSaturday, the sudden snow quickly coated roads with up to 1-2 inches in someareas and made for dangerous travel conditions along portions of I-20 again.

Snow made a quick appearance in Birmingham, Ala., and Tupelo, Miss., aswell.

Story by AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Meghan Evans.