After the Timberwolves lost to the Clippers 119-112 on Wednesday, Karl-Anthony Towns addressed the media for over 21 minutes following his 18-point, 10-rebound performance.

It was a media session that has been typical of Towns' public comments since COVID-19 has torn through his family, causing the death of his mother and six other family members, he has said.

Towns was emotional, raw, and revealing in ways not a lot of people have been about their battles with the virus.

But Towns was also frustrated at times Wednesday, especially as it pertained to two topics — the NBA's decision to hold an All-Star Game and mask wearing.

Towns gave his thoughts on the league's decision to hold the All-Star game after multiple players, including LeBron James, voiced their displeasure with the league's decision to go forward with the game reportedly on March 7.

"I personally don't believe there should be an All-Star Game," Towns said. "But what the hell do I know?

He said the next line sarcastically.

"Obviously I haven't dealt with COVID, probably, right? I'm probably a guy that has some insight into that. What do I know about COVID, right? So I don't believe that should happen."

Then later, Towns was talking about front-line workers in the COVID crisis, since his mother was a nurse.

"I just feel for them every day," Towns said. "This is me personally, but you asked me a question and I'm gonna answer it honest."

Then Towns implored people to wear masks.

"People complain about wearing a mask and wearing one of these and all this stuff, but these frontline workers are in there with people who are possibly dying and wearing four masks and you can't wear one? Just one?" Towns said. "Stop it. Don't be lazy. Think of others before yourself. Wear the mask. Do your part. If you really hate this disease and this virus, help us stop the spread. Help us stop it. Wear one of these, go about your day, be smart, be intelligent and just be responsible."

Reid has a nice night
As for the game itself, Naz Reid scored a team-high 23 points and played 20 minutes in Towns' return to the lineup. With Towns back on the floor, it figures to cut into Reid's time since primarily plays center; however, coach Ryan Saunders said he was going to have to make time given how well Reid has played of late.

"I felt like I've got to find more time for Naz and those two guys, with KAT, to play together," Saunders said. "Naz is playing well, so yeah, probably got to find more time."

Reid and Towns overlapped for a few minutes Wednesday night, and if Saunders is going to keep Reid on the floor, he'll have to play them together, especially Towns gets back to playing his customary 36 minutes or so each night. Towns played 31 Wednesday, so there five extra minutes for Reid that might not be there in coming games.

"We can do a lot of the same things," Reid said. "We can both be in the same position. The four or the five. Space the floor. One inside. It really doesn't matter. It's something that's big time. We cover up for each other in being able to do the same things."
Reid is averaging 12.6 points per game and is shooting 38% from three-point range.