Just like that, it's going to feel like summer. Friday temperatures will reachor exceed 80 degrees from Alabama to Maryland, and 70s will be enjoyed as farnorth as Ontario, Canada. From Kentucky northward these highs are approximately20 degrees above normal. What a delight this is after a cold and very snowywinter.Bright sunshine Friday will make it feel even warmer. The only thing differentfrom a summer day will be the lack of humidity.

A word to the wise, the April sun is quite powerful and can cause a bad burn ifyou are not careful. Probably more people get sunburned during April and Maythan they do during the middle of summer. One reason you don't notice that yourskin is burning because it feels very comfortable out of doors. Another is thatyour skin has yet to become acclimated to the stronger sunlight.

Story by AccuWeather.com Senior Meteorologist John Kocet.