Jurors convicted a Brooklyn Center woman of killing a 9-month-old boy she handled in a rough and aggressive manner while he was in her care.

Jennifer L. Baldwin, 38, was convicted Friday in Hennepin County District Court of second-degree murder and third-degree assault in connection with the death of Colton Senogles on March 20, 2018.

Baldwin was arrested after the verdicts and awaits sentencing July 22.

According to prosecutors:

The boy arrived at Baldwin's home for babysitting on the morning of March 15, 2018, and played with toys, held his own bottle and interacted with other children.

Within an hour of when he arrived, Baldwin called Colton's mother, Caitlin O'Brien, and told her to come get him because "something's not right," the criminal complaint read.

Baldwin called 911, and police arrived at the home in the 6400 block of Fremont Ave N. to find the boy "lethargic and laboring to breathe," the charges continued. First responders rushed Colton to a hospital for treatment for brain injuries that included bleeding and swelling.

Colton, who lived in Blaine, died five days later, and the medical examiner's report indicated he suffered brain damage. He also had bruises on the left scalp and right ear and hemorrhages in both eyes, the report added.

Baldwin first told authorities that Colton fell asleep for about 30 minutes. When he awoke, he was fussy and needed a dry outfit. When Baldwin laid him down to change him, she said the boy's eyes rolled back and he "looked like he was in a different world."

Authorities questioned her again and brought the autopsy results and a report from a child abuse specialist. When confronted with the evidence, the charges say Baldwin admitted that she had handled Colton "roughly" and "aggressively" and saw a change in his behavior immediately afterward.

Baldwin told authorities that she didn't get much sleep the previous night and that she had not taken medication for anxiety or mood disorders. She also had just regained custody of her children from child protection and was experiencing financial problems, the complaint said.