Police reform:

Public order and safety is the first duty of government. It's egregious that elected officials would not only fail in that effort, but do so deliberately. As the husband of a police officer, I proudly stand with law enforcement.

Trump's COVID-19 response:

Between the China travel ban and actions taken to shore up supplies and resources, the administration's approach has proved effective. Having seen a drastic reduction in cases and mortality rates, it's time to fully reopen our economy.

Pipeline proposals:

Absolutely. These have been the most vetted projects in recent history. It's an affront to Iron Range families (who are the best stewards of where they live) to tell them they can't continue their way of life. It's economic oppression.

Climate change:

It's important to note the difference between climate change and cataclysmic climate change. The former can be much better handled by mitigating its effects rather than needlessly kneecapping our nation's economic capacity.

Gun violence:

Unlike my opponent, I consider the Second Amendment to be sacrosanct. The Supreme Court has twice upheld the right to bear arms. This is important considering how much public safety has recently been undermined in our metro areas.

Patrick Condon