Q: What happened to "Code Black"? I hope it's not canceled; love that show.

A: CBS held back the medical drama starring Marcia Gay Harden and Boris Kodjoe from its fall lineup. After "Criminal Minds" finishes its current season on April 25, "Code Black" will get the time slot, starting May 2.

'Agatha Raisin' back in the fall

Q: I watched the first season of "Agatha Raisin" on Acorn TV in 2016. PBS ran the series in the winter of 2016-17. Is there a Season 2?

A: Acorn TV has commissioned new episodes for telecast late in 2018. The program stars Ashley Jensen ("Ugly Betty," "Extras") as a public relations whiz who moves to a small village and turns amateur detective when crimes pop up around her. Based on novels by M.C. Beaton, the new series will adapt three of them: "The Wizard of Evesham," "The Curious Curate" and "The Fairies of Fryham."

It's 'Elementary,' dear viewer

Q: Is "Elementary" coming back?

A: Yes, it will get "Scorpion's" time slot after that adventure series completes its current season on April 23. New episodes of "Elementary," the present-day interpretation of Sherlock Holmes with Jonny Lee Miller, arrive on April 30.

Bye-bye, 'Blacksmith'

Q: There was a show on last year about a father, his three sons and daughter. They all worked together as blacksmiths. Will it be coming back?

A: You are remembering a show called "Milwaukee Blacksmith," which aired on the History Channel and showed the Knapp family's blacksmith-made artworks. Kent Knapp, the father on the reality series, told me History did not renew the series because, he said, they had unrealistic expectations about the time that projects took. And even if History had wanted more, the Knapps would have turned down another season because "we did not feel we were accurately represented and didn't care for the direction they took us. I harbor no ill will toward History or the production company, but wish the world to see us as we are."

The company will now do its own videos about some large sculpture projects and see if another programmer is interested. At the very least, those will end up on YouTube, Knapp said.

TLC splits from 'Five Wives'

Q: "My Five Wives" was on TLC for two seasons. Recently TLC showed some reruns, and I am hoping it will come back.

A: I do not know of any new telecasts for TLC. When the show ended there in 2015, the family of Brady Williams and his wives continued on other platforms. There is a "Brady and Wives" YouTube channel (though it has not been updated in about a year), and relatively new posts on the "Brady and Wives" Facebook page.

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