2015 DNR roundtable

A glance at the topics and presenters scheduled to appear at Friday’s DNR annual meeting with key stakeholders:



• The Power of partnership

Scott Hain, Worthington Public Utilities


• Empowering irrigators to manage limited groundwater resources

Gerry Maciej, Benton SWCD


• Pine lands to irrigated row crops: Who would have guessed?

Darrin Hoverson, MN DNR


• Groundwater sustainability initiatives

Jason Moeckel, DNR


• Watershed planning in the Red River basin

Henry Van Offelen, DNR


• Aquatic invasive species highlights

Ann Pierce, DNR


• Restoring mussel populations

Mike Davis, DNR


• Discussion: How can the DNR more effectively address important water-related issues in Minnesota?


• Restoring connectivity in the Red River

Jamison Wendel, DNR


• Strategic habitat protection for north-central Minnesota lakes

Heather Baird, DNR


• North Shore fisheries in a changing climate

Olivia LeDee, DNR


• Trout stream designations

Brian Nerbonne, DNR


• Mille Lacs predatory diet study

Tyler Ahrenstorff, DNR


• Mille Lacs blue ribbon panel

Paul Venturelli, University of Minnesota


• Northern pike regulations

Gary Barnard, Tim Goeman, DNR and

Sue Schroeder, University of Minnesota



• Deer season review. Wolf update

Paul Telander, wildlife chief


• Deer goal setting teams

Leslie McInenly, DNR


• Deer feeding and disease

John Fischer, SE Cooperative wildlife disease study


• Permanent tree stands on state forests

Craig Schmid, DNR. Greg Bernu, Carlton County land commissioner


• Pheasant Summit review and discussion

Matt Holland, Pheasants Forever. Mike Tenney, DNR


• Shallow lake management: Where we have been and how are we doing?

Nicole Hansel-Welch, DNR


• Stream restoration on Wildlife Management Areas

Don Schultz and Luther Aadland, DNR

information on the web dnr.state.mn.us/fish_wildlife/roundtable