A teenager was among four suspects, one sporting a scary clown mask, who broke into a residence in Ham Lake in the middle of the night and threatened the homeowners with a gun and stole electronics. A young man also is charged, but the other two remain on the loose.

Charged on Friday with aggravated robbery and burglary in Anoka County District Court was Eric J. Gauthreaux-Travis, 21, of Blaine. Keon L. Bell, 16, also of Blaine, was charged in juvenile court with the same offenses.

Authorities have not revealed any details on the possible whereabouts of the other two suspects in the Thursday home invasion, which left one resident with face and head injuries from a beating.

Sheriff's Cmdr. Paul Sommer said the homeowners appear to have been targeted, noting that one of the suspects "was at least acquainted with" one of the victims.

According to the charges against Gauthreaux-Travis and Bell, both of whom were arrested Thursday:

A man and woman were sleeping in their home in the 9000 block of NE. Birchview Lane about 2 a.m., when four men barged through the front door. All four had on hoodies, with one also wearing a scary clown mask.

One of the invaders jumped on top of the man in the house, leaving him with cuts and bruises to his face and head. The man also had a rifle put to his head as a suspect said, "Don't [expletive] move." The suspects were asking him about the location of money in the home.

As the suspects left, they took a video game console before all four left the house.

The residents went outside and saw a minivan speeding away. The two turned over the license plate to police, who determined the vehicle belonged to Gauthreaux-Travis.

The van arrived at Gauthreaux-Travis' home about an hour after the crime, and police were there to arrest him and Bell. They also found the stolen game console in the vehicle.

The man in the home identified Bell as the one who beat him.