Wednesday's birding column (Nov. 5) in the StarTribune Variety section discussed a number of birding apps for cell phones and pads. Here is a more complete list. For each of these, at app store, read the fine print and the reviews if there are any. Also good idea to read the column in Wednesday's paper.

Purchase hints — The word GET shown with app on Apple store listing means you must purchase add-ons to have the app you might expect to get in the first place.


Check app description for country or world region, sometimes not obvious.




Raptors ID, nice intro video, explanatory text, 34 species, covers MN, each species overview, 5 images, helpful video about 70 second each, range, vocals. Videos best feature here.


Audubon Owls, photos, maps, text, all MN species, 18 North America (NA) total, poor video, good still shots, good vocal, inclusive text, bird parts explained, issued by Hawk Watch International and Cornell.


Bird Calls, covers the world, banner ads, must buy to use “all features” $6.99 or monthly subscription.


iBird Pro,  extensive text, six photos per species. Can purchase long list of specialized add-ons, but not necessary to use app. Publisher Mitch Waite Group, full credits given. Support available. Settings for language, day or night, and control of ads, links to other info sights, published in 2008, and updated as recently as last month (Nov 2018).


Peterson Birds Pocket Edition, the book in electronic form. You will recognize it all if you have the book. (But your phone is easier to carry.)


365 Days of Birding, Minnesota Birds, not an ID app, offering instead much on where to find birds in MN and MN birding information including rare-bird alert that is hooked to alert emails from eBird. FREE. Much about eBird. Sighting lists by county, MOU link, blogs including Wingnut, organizations, Sak-Zim, many links to birding sites, various tips, sound info, list of clubs, festivals, ABA link, etc. Excellent app by developer Rich Hoeg of Duluth. If you are an active birder get this one.


Bird ID USA backyard birds, $4.99, 240 species, 500 images, 350 calls, is updated.


Bird Identification, Puong Bui developer, $4.99, supposed to ID photo taken with phone or pad camera or imported photo. I have not tested. Read reviews.


Bird Song ID, auto recognition of bird songs, $4.99, updated, recording must be precise for this to work, according to user review. Mixed reviews.


Wiki: Bird Sounds, identification, calls of USA and North America, free, poor reviews. Purchases necessary to have complete list of birds. Aggressive video game ads.


iBird Ultimate Guide to Birds, Mitch Waite group, $19.99, culls bird by your GPS position, can search by time of day, a jazzed version of iBird Pro, North America complete 2017 AOU list, 946 species including Hawaii, plus Mex owls and CA package, species splits, stickers, conservation status, check your operating system. Publisher offers 10  different iPhone apps, 9 for pads. Some features are in-app purchases. First, try iBird Lite, their free demo app. 


iBird Lite Guide to Birds, samples of Mitch Waite products, demo, free, covers 53 species.


iBird Plus Guide to Birds, $9.99, another Mitch Waite product. Well-reviewed, but needs in-app purchases.


The Ultimate Birder, $19.99, Mitch Waite, three apps bundled — guide to North American birds, Hawaii and Palau. iBird journal, same app guidelines apply.


Smart Bird ID, use iPhone camera, app offers ID. Pay to remove ads, pay to get full content or unlimited sightings.


Bird Watching Guide and Identification, $.99, a review says mostly waterfowl and raptors, poor on backyard birds. I have not seen this one.


Name the Bird, needs in-app purchases.


iBird Yard + Guide to Birds, $2.99, in-app purchases, 


Bird Calls, Bird Songs, in-app purchases, mixed reviews, many ads.


Birds Songs USA and Canada, $9.99, using Lang Elliott’s famed recordings. 900 bird species, 3,100 songs and calls, photos, some text, Sunbird publication. Reviews range from "amazing" to "does not work."


Song Slueth: Auto Bird Song ID, $9.99, auto ID from song you capture with phone recording ability, covering 200 most common vocalizing birds in USA. Not perfect. Intended to be fun, I think. 


The Warbler Guide, Princeton, very good reviews. $12.99, similar to book of the same name, but better. Illustrations of birds top, bottom, left, right, front, back, and angled views. Mimics your varied views in the field.


Fieldstone Guide: Birds, $9.99, creators of National Audubon Society Field Guides and National Wildlife Federation Guides, birds of North America. Basic North American guide.