Big Ten Power Poll

Indiana (15-4, 5-1): Can it be? It can. The Hoosiers' victory over Maryland was the most impressive of the week.

Wisconsin (17-2, 5-1): Knocked from the top spot after bludgeoning Iowa? It's more a statement about the Hoosiers than Wisconsin.

Maryland (17-3, 5-2): Uh oh, Terrapins. A loss at Indiana but nearly 20 points could hurt in the long run.

Michigan State (13-6, 4-2): The Spartans didn't do anything impressive, but they also didn't do anything embarrassing (see below).

Iowa (13-6, 4-2): Ouch. The Hawkeyes can't hide from a 32-point loss at Wisconsin.

Ohio State (15-5, 4-3): The Buckeyes were swept by Iowa already this year and barely slid by Northwestern.

Illinois (13-7, 3-5): Considering all the injuries (latest: 6-3 junior Aaron Cosby), the Illini are doing A-OK.

Michigan (12-7, 5-2): Life won't be easy without Caris LeVert (broken foot), but the Wolverines had enough to push past Rutgers on the road.

Purdue (11-8, 3-3): After two weeks of challenges, it's not getting easier. Iowa and Indiana are on deck at home.

Nebraska (11-7, 3-3): Hard to give a team much credit for an ugly win over the Gophers.

Rutgers (10-10, 2-5): A three-game losing streak strips some of the shine off that Wisconsin win.

Gophers (12-8, 1-6): In this league, killer instinct is critical.

Northwestern (10-9, 1-5): Chris Collins' fury over a missed goaltending call made no difference. Coach got the T, the Wildcats got another loss.

Penn State (12-7; 0-6): The only winless squad sits alone in the basement.