The Timberwolves could help themselves out a little more if they'd just start games better.

Even when they have won, as they did Wednesday against the Knicks or Friday against the Rockets, they had to climb out of a double-digit hole in the fourth quarter.

They had come back from an 18-point deficit against the Knicks and a 19-point one against Houston.

After Wednesday's game, guard Anthony Edwards had a few thoughts as to what the Wolves could do better to get amped up for a game.

"We've got to do a better job of getting each other ready, you know what I'm saying? Like in warmups … we come out missing layups, not going full speed in layup lines," Edwards said. "I mean, I know we're in the league, but you've got to treat it the same way. The same way you get warm in rec league, AAU ball, you've got to get warm out here."

While rec leagues might not have the most intense layup lines either, Edwards' point was the Wolves have to be more focused in their pregame preparation and not just expect to turn it on when the ball goes up.

"I'm going to tell the guys," Edwards said. "I'm a rookie, but I feel like what I say should hold a little weight."

Edwards' performance in recent weeks has earned him the right to speak up on such matters, especially after Wednesday, when he scored seven points in the final minutes and set up Malik Beasley for the winning three-pointer. He was named the Western Conference Rookie of the Month for March on Thursday after averaging 24.2 points, which is third best in NBA history for a teenager in a month behind Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James.

Center Karl-Anthony Towns said he wasn't sure he could put a specific reason on why the Wolves have started games the way they have.

"We can't come on this Zoom [news conference] and talk about how we're down double digits and we find a way to come back," Towns said. "Why not us be up double digits, put the game away early? It's something great that we know we can play this way. We know we have the ability to do it, but I would rather us not have to always come in here talking about double-digit [deficits]."

Coach Chris Finch said he would take Edwards' observations under consideration.

"I thought our slow start [Wednesday] was because I thought we were a little tight for some reason. I don't know if it had to do with anything else," Finch said. "I'll have to speak to the guys about that. Generally in the league every team has a slightly different rhythm and routine. Guys like to get ready in their own way. We just expect you to be ready, but perhaps it's something we should address."

Related to that, the Wolves haven't won two consecutive games since the beginning of the season. Often this year, players have said the Wolves get too complacent when they get a little bit of success, whether that's carrying over from one game to the next or even one quarter to the next.

"It's just about preaching the same message," Finch said. "You got to be competitive on every play. And if we don't see that coming out of the gate [Friday], then we'll have to address it. … This is part of our growth. They recognize it and now they have to address it."