As families and how they live change, so do kitchens. Cooking is making a comeback, and so are custom appliances. Families want to mix and match, and all architectural styles and finishes are yours for the taking. Here are four of the latest trends we’ve spotted.

Big, bold windows in black

The black window craze has officially taken over residential design. This oversized awning style opens up the entire countertop area for ventilation.

Mix up your cabinet styles

Order up a lower cabinet door with gray finish and use a darker finish above. By combining two dark tones, the navy tile and the black cabinetry, the upper wall becomes one visual focal point.

Navy is the new black

– it’s matte glass tile. Mixing navy with black updates the popular Industrial style.

Customized appliances

This oven combines steam and convection cooking for gourmet quality results. Using the steamer is easy — pull out the dispenser, fill with water and reinsert. The steam helps to preserve texture, appearance and taste.