A third person has been arrested in the robbery-inspired murder of an alleged Annandale drug dealer in his garage late at night.

A 22-year-old St. Michael man is being held in the Wright County jail pending murder charges; he has not yet been charged. That follows the arrest and charges filed Tuesday against two 19-year-olds — Tyler James Fisher, 19, of Annandale, for aiding murder and aggravated robbery and aiding an offender, and Samara Leigh Juhl, 19, of Otsego, for aiding aggravated robbery and an offender. Two other suspects remain at large, according to charges.

Kyle Greene, 42, was found dead Sept. 28 in his garage off Poplar Avenue South by his girlfriend. Neighbors reported to police that they had heard people running to a car yelling, "Go, go, go!" after a loud bang at 1:30 a.m.

According to the investigation, police say three other suspects had asked Juhl and Fisher for a name of someone to rob. Juhl suggested Greene, who she said was her meth dealer; she texted Greene to set up a drug deal in exchange for stolen tools.

Fisher told police that he provided the suspects with a shotgun locked in his mother's safe and that he was with the suspects as they drove to a bar, drank and then drove to Greene's house. Fisher told police the intent was to rob Greene, but he was told by the other suspects, "If you hear a gunshot, be ready to go." A few minutes later, he said he heard a gunshot and was told to "Go, go, go," acting as the getaway driver.

The suspects, Fisher told police, admitted to him that they killed Greene and stole his wallet. Fisher then had Juhl and another person help get rid of the tools. The other suspects have not yet been named, and the case remains under investigation.

Greene's family issued a brief statement asking for privacy. "We recognize that in our small community where people care about each other, it is natural to try and get answers to make sense of any tragedy," the statement read. "We are learning that you simply cannot make sense out of a senseless tragedy like this."