Q: Say it ain't so that TNT canceled "Southland."

This was one of the best cop shows of all time, right up there with "NYPD Blue" and "Hill Street Blues." The characters were incredible and the authenticity was one of the keys to the show.

Unlike a lot of other mainstream dramas, "Southland" didn't feel the need to pepper its criminals with politically correct representation, as is seen on shows such as "Law & Order" and "Blue Bloods."

I know that "Southland" has already been resurrected once, but will it come back on another network?

A: I'm disappointed about the end of "Southland," too, but not surprised given the low ratings. I don't think it will be picked up elsewhere. It's hard enough to be damaged goods once and get revived; a second resurrection would be highly unusual, possibly unprecedented.

'Fly With Me' has been grounded

Q: Is the BBC airline show "Come Fly With Me" ever coming back? It's hilarious.

A: It doesn't look like it. The BBC ordered a second season, but then one of the show's stars lost interest, so there are no plans for the comedy series to continue.

Give 'Orphan Black' an Emmy

Q: Would BBC America's "Orphan Black" be eligible for U.S. Emmy Awards? Tatiana Maslany deserves a best actress award for her outstanding performances of the wide variety of clone incarnations in the show.

A: Yes, as a co-production between BBC America and a British entity, it is eligible for Emmy consideration.

24 episodes aren't unusual

Q: I heard that "Grey's Anatomy" and another show had ordered 24 episodes for the fall season. Any truth to that?

A: The official order for "Grey's Anatomy" is 22 episodes, but ABC often picks up two additional episodes, bringing the total to 24. While 22 episodes is standard, as networks seek to eliminate reruns, 24 episodes per season is becoming more usual than it once was.

'Nashville' is almost real

Q: Do the actors on ABC's "Nashville" perform their own songs, or are they lip-synced?

A: The actors do sing their own songs. But as is often the case in TV and film production, they record the song and then lip-sync to their own recording during filming.

'Red Widow' is a goner

Q: Is "Red Widow" returning for another season?

A: No. ABC canceled "Red Widow" in May.

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