Sisters are doin' it for themselves

Meryl Streep narrates the thorough and thought-provoking "Makers: Women Who Make America" (7 p.m., TPT, Ch. 2), a three-hour documentary that tracks both the triumphs and shortcomings of the women's rights movement. Gloria Steinem, Katie Couric and Hillary Clinton are among the talking heads.

Trading places

If "Makers" shows women at their best, then "Celebrity Wife Swap" (7 p.m., KSTP, Ch. 5) shows them at their worst, especially when the gender is represented by reality "star" Kate Gosselin and Playmate Kendra Wilkinson. Their spouses had better have plenty of aspirin on hand.


Kevin Michael Connolly doesn't let the fact that he was born without legs get in the way of seeking thrills. In "Armed & Ready" (9 p.m., Travel), the acclaimed photographer uses a tricked-out skateboard to push the boundaries in the Smoky Mountains and Hawaii.

Neal Justin