New from the baking-products part of Pillsbury, which is actually Smucker's (not to be confused with the refrigerated- and frozen-products part of Pillsbury, which is actually General Mills), come three up-priced cake mixes, dubbed the Supreme Collection (not to be confused with the regular Pillsbury cake mixes, each of which is merely Moist Supreme).

Despite Mr. Tidbit's warnings, you went ahead and got confused anyway, didn't you? Maybe this will clear things up: What puts the three new supreme mixes into a separately supreme collection is that all are for Bundt cake pans, and each includes a separate filling mix that, if applied correctly, produces a tunnel of filling within the baked cake. They are Fudge Truffle with fudge filling, Apple Spice with apple filling and Red Velvet with cream cheese filling.

At one store, where Pillsbury's regularly supreme Moist Supreme mixes are $1.24, the Supreme Collection mixes are $3.29.


Purely cheaper

Here's one that Mr. Tidbit noticed some time ago but kept pushing down his list of items for discussion because he assumed he'd made a mistake. He just checked again and it's still true:

Dannon's relatively new (Mr. Tidbit first noticed this in July) yogurt, called Pure, contains, according to the carton "just 7 [or nine, depending on flavor] all-natural ingredients that are easy to recognize and understand." That's the kind of "simple" verbiage that normally means it costs more than regular yogurt. But the six-pack of 4-ounce tubs of Pure (24 ounces total) is priced at $2.19 or $2.29 at most stores that Mr. Tidbit checked, where Dannon's many other yogurts in 6-ounce tubs are typically 79 cents or more, so 24 ounces would cost upwards of $3.

Turns out it's not a fluke. Mr. Tidbit just found an old news item in a Utah paper (where Dannon has a plant). It says Pure is "for cost-conscious shoppers," and is cheaper because, "instead of fruit, for instance, Pure has natural fruit flavors." Mr. Tidbit notes that it's made with whole milk and actual sugar, so it's higher in fat and calories than low-fat or nonfat yogurt.