Gersson Rosas and Ryan Saunders met the media on Tuesday morning.

Saunders drops 'interim' label, ready to take on Wolves' future

Gersson Rosas stressed that Ryan Saunders was the best fit in terms of relationships with existing players and Rosas' overall approach as president of basketball operations. "We want to do things that haven't been done."

After looking elsewhere, new Wolves boss decides to stick with Saunders

Wolves center Karl-Anthony Towns (32) is among the players who spoke in favor of retaining Ryan Saunders as head coach.
Players such as Karl-Anthony Towns endorsed Ryan Saunders' candidacy in the final weeks of the season even after the Wolves were eliminated from the playoffs.

Twin Cities sports 'youth movement' continues with Saunders hire

May 20
Minnesota Timberwolves interim head coach Ryan Saunders during the second half of the Timberwolves 119-115 loss to the Dallas Mavericks Friday, Jan. 1
Rocco Baldelli, P.J. Fleck, Richard Pitino, Lindsay Whalen, Derek Falvey … and now Ryan Saunders. All of them in their 30s, all among the youngest (or the very youngest) in their professions.
May 20

Green shows a more mature side for Warriors

Draymond Green would rather do more playing than complaining these days.
Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) after sinking a fourth quarter basket Thursday night. He finished the game with 46 points.
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May 20

Lillard separated ribs in Game 2 against the Warriors

Portland's Damian Lillard sustained separated ribs in Game 2 of the Western Conference finals against the Golden State Warriors.
May 15

Former Wolves executive Babcock dies at 66

Rob Babcock, a former Timberwolves executive during two different stints spanning more than two decades, died Wednesday at age 66. He had been battling pancreatic cancer since being diagnosed in 2017.
May 15
David Kahn, left, general manager of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kevin O'Connor, center, general manager of the Utah Jazz, and Nick Gilbert, 14, right

How awful is Wolves draft history? It's one in a ... whole lot of awful

What are the odds of moving down 12 times and not moving up a single time? Knowing that answer might even make you feel a bit sorry for David Kahn. (Or maybe not.)
May 15
NBA deputy commissioner Mark Tatum announced what Timberwolves fans have come to expect on lottery announcement day: The franchise wouldn't be moving

Timberwolves fail to move up in NBA lottery, will pick 11th

The franchise still has never moved up from their assigned spot in lottery history. The New Orleans Pelicans had better luck, obtaining the No. 1 pick.


  • Western Conference
    Northwest w l pct gb home away last 10
    Denver 54 28 .659 0 34-7 20-21 5-5
    Portland 53 29 .646 1 32-9 21-20 8-2
    Utah 50 32 .610 4 29-12 21-20 8-2
    Oklahoma City 49 33 .598 5 27-14 22-19 7-3
    Minnesota 36 46 .439 18 25-16 11-30 4-6
  • Pacific w l pct gb home away last 10
    Golden State 57 25 .695 0 30-11 27-14 8-2
    LA Clippers 48 34 .585 9 26-15 22-19 6-4
    Sacramento 39 43 .476 18 24-17 15-26 3-7
    LA Lakers 37 45 .451 20 22-19 15-26 6-4
    Phoenix 19 63 .232 38 12-29 7-34 2-8
  • Southwest w l pct gb home away last 10
    Houston 53 29 .646 0 31-10 22-19 8-2
    San Antonio 48 34 .585 5 32-9 16-25 6-4
    Dallas 33 49 .402 20 24-17 9-32 5-5
    Memphis 33 49 .402 20 21-20 12-29 4-6
    New Orleans 33 49 .402 20 19-22 14-27 3-7
  • Eastern Conference
    Central w l pct gb home away last 10
    Milwaukee 60 22 .732 0 33-8 27-14 7-3
    Indiana 48 34 .585 12 29-12 19-22 4-6
    Detroit 41 41 .500 19 26-15 15-26 4-6
    Chicago 22 60 .268 38 9-32 13-28 2-8
    Cleveland 19 63 .232 41 13-28 6-35 0-10
  • Atlantic w l pct gb home away last 10
    Toronto 58 24 .707 0 32-9 26-15 7-3
    Philadelphia 51 31 .622 7 31-10 20-21 4-6
    Boston 49 33 .598 9 28-13 21-20 6-4
    Brooklyn 42 40 .512 16 23-18 19-22 6-4
    New York 17 65 .207 41 9-32 8-33 3-7
  • Southeast w l pct gb home away last 10
    Orlando 42 40 .512 0 25-16 17-24 8-2
    Charlotte 39 43 .476 3 25-16 14-27 6-4
    Miami 39 43 .476 3 19-22 20-21 4-6
    Washington 32 50 .390 10 22-19 10-31 2-8
    Atlanta 29 53 .354 13 17-24 12-29 5-5
  • Points
    K. Towns MIN 1880
    A. Wiggins MIN 1321
    D. Rose MIN 917
    D. Saric MIN 858
    T. Gibson MIN 753
  • Rebounds
    K. Towns MIN 954
    T. Gibson MIN 458
    D. Saric MIN 457
    A. Wiggins MIN 352
    G. Dieng MIN 311
  • Assists
    J. Teague MIN 343
    T. Jones MIN 327
    K. Towns MIN 259
    D. Rose MIN 220
    A. Wiggins MIN 184
  • Field Goal Percentage
    T. Gibson MIN .566
    K. Towns MIN .518
    G. Dieng MIN .501
    M. Creek MIN .500
    L. Deng MIN .500
  • Blocked Shots
    K. Towns MIN 125
    A. Wiggins MIN 48
    R. Covington MIN 47
    G. Dieng MIN 41
    T. Gibson MIN 39
  • Steals
    J. Okogie MIN 88
    T. Jones MIN 80
    R. Covington MIN 74
    A. Wiggins MIN 71
    K. Towns MIN 67
  • Points
    J. Harden HOU 2818
    P. George OKC 2159
    K. Walker CHA 2102
    B. Beal WAS 2099
    D. Lillard POR 2067
  • Rebounds
    A. Drummond DET 1232
    R. Gobert UTA 1041
    N. Vucevic ORL 960
    K. Towns MIN 954
    D. Jordan NY 902
  • Assists
    R. Westbrook OKC 784
    T. Young ATL 653
    B. Simmons PHI 610
    D. Fox SAC 590
    J. Harden HOU 586
  • Field Goal Percentage
    R. Gobert UTA .669
    C. Capela HOU .648
    J. McGee LAL .624
    T. Bryant WAS .616
    M. Harrell LAC .615
  • Blocked Shots
    M. Turner IND 199
    R. Gobert UTA 187
    B. Lopez MIL 179
    M. Robinson NY 161
    J. McGee LAL 148
  • Steals
    P. George OKC 170
    J. Harden HOU 158
    M. Smart BOS 143
    R. Westbrook OKC 142
    A. Drummond DET 136
  • Sunday, May 19
    Toronto 118, Milwaukee 112, F
  • Monday, May 20
    Golden State 119, Portland 117, F
  • Today, May 21
    Milwaukee @ Toronto
  • Wednesday, May 22
  • Thursday, May 23
    Toronto @ Milwaukee
  • Friday, May 24
  • Saturday, May 25
    Milwaukee @ Toronto
  • Sunday, May 26
May 15
Gersson Rosas

Rosas has four outside interviews set for Wolves coaching job

A source told the Star Tribune that Gersson Rosas should make a decision on the head coaching position by the end of the week or over the weekend.
May 15

NBA draft lottery results, draft order

Here's the draft order for the first 14 teams in the NBA draft:
May 14
New Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations Gersson Rosas will represent the team at Tuesday's NBA draft lottery.

How lucky is Rosas? Wolves are about to find out at NBA lottery

Gersson Rosas, the team's new president of basketball operations, is set to represent the Wolves in Chicago at Tuesday's draft lottery, the annual event in which the future of several franchises hinge on the fate of pingpong balls.
May 14
Moving up in draft lottery could hurt Wolves. Here's why.

Moving up in draft lottery could hurt Wolves. Here's why.

The chance of winning the lottery and drafting Zion Williamson would obviously help the team. But here's why moving into one of the other prime spots may not be best for the Wolves.
May 13

Current draft slots for Timberwolves, 13 other NBA teams before Tuesday's lottery

Here is the pre-lottery position for all 14 NBA teams in Tuesday's drawing, with their percent chance of landing the No. 1 pick in the June draft.
May 13
Western Conference finals are reminder of Wolves draft blunders

Western Conference finals are reminder of Wolves draft blunders

Any increased exposure for the Warriors brings to mind the franchise-altering draft blunder in 2009 when David Kahn passed twice on drafting Steph Curry, as well as its miss on Portland's C.J. McCollum.
May 13
Basketball fans cheer for the Toronto Raptors before claiming victory over the Philadelphia 76ers outside Maple Leaf Square during the second half of

Korean game winner! 'Kawhi Leonard' only words you need to know

If you haven't watched the incredible game-winning basket that ended the Toronto-Philadelphia series, start with this one from Korean TV.
May 11
Gersson Rosas said that under him the Wolves will “question the norm.”

Can Wolves find the next big thing in basketball analytics?

What might be the next big thing in NBA analytics that new boss Gersson Rosas and the Wolves can unearth and exploit?
May 11
The Timberwolves new president of basketball operations Gersson Rosas was greeted by players after an introductory news conference on Monday.

New Wolves boss Rosas will make head coach decision in 7-10 days

Ryan Saunders has talked at length about the position but no decision has been reached yet.
May 10
Minnesota Timberwolves new President of basketball operations Gersson Rosas laughed as his 3-year-old twins Giana, left, and Grayson took over the mic

Listen: Gersson Rosas and faith in the future

Chris Hine and Michael Rand dissect the hiring of new Wolves basketball president Gersson Rosas. How will it influence the roster? Was this an Ethan Casson hire or a Glen Taylor hire? And what happens if the Wolves win the lottery Tuesday?
May 9
Minnesota Timberwolves head coach Kurt Rambis questions his team as they play the Indiana Pacers in the second half of an NBA basketball game in India

Ex-Wolves coach Rambis reportedly mucking up Lakers coaching search

Kurt Rambis, who was an almost impossible 100 games under .500 in just two seasons in Minnesota, is reportedly exerting quite a bit of control over the Lakers coaching hire. It's not going well.
May 9
Glen Taylor and Gersson Rosas

Hartman: Most Minnesota pro teams shuffle their leaders

The Wolves just joined the Twins and Wild in making recent changes in management.
May 8
Rosas makes stop at Lynx practice to visit with Cheryl Reeve

Rosas makes stop at Lynx practice to visit with Cheryl Reeve

Things were certainly not as friendly or collaborative between the Lynx and Wolves during Tom Thibodeau’s tenure as coach and president.
May 8
Developing Andrew Wiggins’ potential is essential to the Timberwolves’ future success.

Souhan: Salvaging Wiggins, or upping his value, challenge for Rosas

Gersson Rosas indicated Monday that he would prefer to improve Andrew Wiggins rather than trade him.
May 7
Wolves should aim for 'Milwaukee West' instead of 'Houston North'

Wolves should aim for 'Milwaukee West' instead of 'Houston North'

Maybe there’s an NBA model out there that is worth borrowing heavily from, even if it’s not outright copying. And no, it’s not the Rockets.

NBA Scoreboard

  • Milwaukee


    7:30 PM