Brooklyn’s Isaia Cordinier tried to get between the Wolves' Jordan Murphy, left, and Barry Brown Jr. during the first half Sunday night in Las Vegas

Wolves hold off Brooklyn 85-77, will play for NBA Summer League title

For the second time in four seasons, the Wolves have advanced to the title game of the NBA's Summer League in Las Vegas.
July 14
Kelan Martin, of Butler, was vital for the Timberwolves' Summer League team on Saturday night.

Timberwolves advance to NBA Summer League semifinals

The Timberwolves remained undefeated in the NBA Summer League, beating the Dallas Mavericks 108-82 to advance to the semifinals and improve to 5-0 in Las Vegas.
Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) after sinking a fourth quarter basket Thursday night. He finished the game with 46 points.
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July 14
Jarrett Culver has begun the transition to life as a pro. “He’s addicted to getting better,” Texas Tech coach Chris Beard said. “He’s addict

Faith is 'everything' in the life of Wolves top draft pick Culver

Faith runs deep in Jarrett Culver's family. His father, Hiawatha, runs Rising Star Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas, where Jarrett grew up and stayed to attend Texas Tech for two years.
July 13

The Jarrett Culver file

A closer look at the Wolves' top pick.
July 12
With Westbrook in Houston, the silly Wolves speculation is over

With Westbrook in Houston, the silly Wolves speculation is over

When it became clear that Russell Westbrook was out his way out of Oklahoma City, there was speculation he could be headed to the Wolves. But you didn't read that here.
July 12
Former Gophers star Amir Coffey

Coffey stars in Clippers summer league win; Wolves get No. 3 tournament seed

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Amir Coffey had 19 points, nine rebounds and six assists and Los Angeles beat Sacramento in an NBA summer league game…
July 12
Josh Okogie

Behind the curtain: Josh Okogie gets inside look at 'Inside the NBA'

Josh Okogie spent a day with a handful of other NBA players seeing how NBA TV and TNT put together their programming as part of the league's job shadowing program.
July 11
Shabazz Napier might be a better fit for Wolves than Tyus

Shabazz Napier might be a better fit for Wolves than Tyus

Napier, whose one-year, $1.88 million contract became fully guaranteed Wednesday, might offer equal (or more) production than Tyus Jones next season for a fraction of the cost.


  • Western Conference
    Northwest w l pct gb home away last 10
    Denver 54 28 .659 0 34-7 20-21 5-5
    Portland 53 29 .646 1 32-9 21-20 8-2
    Utah 50 32 .610 4 29-12 21-20 8-2
    Oklahoma City 49 33 .598 5 27-14 22-19 7-3
    Minnesota 36 46 .439 18 25-16 11-30 4-6
  • Pacific w l pct gb home away last 10
    Golden State 57 25 .695 0 30-11 27-14 8-2
    LA Clippers 48 34 .585 9 26-15 22-19 6-4
    Sacramento 39 43 .476 18 24-17 15-26 3-7
    LA Lakers 37 45 .451 20 22-19 15-26 6-4
    Phoenix 19 63 .232 38 12-29 7-34 2-8
  • Southwest w l pct gb home away last 10
    Houston 53 29 .646 0 31-10 22-19 8-2
    San Antonio 48 34 .585 5 32-9 16-25 6-4
    Dallas 33 49 .402 20 24-17 9-32 5-5
    Memphis 33 49 .402 20 21-20 12-29 4-6
    New Orleans 33 49 .402 20 19-22 14-27 3-7
  • Eastern Conference
    Central w l pct gb home away last 10
    Milwaukee 60 22 .732 0 33-8 27-14 7-3
    Indiana 48 34 .585 12 29-12 19-22 4-6
    Detroit 41 41 .500 19 26-15 15-26 4-6
    Chicago 22 60 .268 38 9-32 13-28 2-8
    Cleveland 19 63 .232 41 13-28 6-35 0-10
  • Atlantic w l pct gb home away last 10
    Toronto 58 24 .707 0 32-9 26-15 7-3
    Philadelphia 51 31 .622 7 31-10 20-21 4-6
    Boston 49 33 .598 9 28-13 21-20 6-4
    Brooklyn 42 40 .512 16 23-18 19-22 6-4
    New York 17 65 .207 41 9-32 8-33 3-7
  • Southeast w l pct gb home away last 10
    Orlando 42 40 .512 0 25-16 17-24 8-2
    Charlotte 39 43 .476 3 25-16 14-27 6-4
    Miami 39 43 .476 3 19-22 20-21 4-6
    Washington 32 50 .390 10 22-19 10-31 2-8
    Atlanta 29 53 .354 13 17-24 12-29 5-5
  • Points
    K. Towns MIN 1880
    A. Wiggins MIN 1321
    D. Rose MIN 917
    D. Saric MIN 858
    T. Gibson MIN 753
  • Rebounds
    K. Towns MIN 954
    T. Gibson MIN 458
    D. Saric MIN 457
    A. Wiggins MIN 352
    G. Dieng MIN 311
  • Assists
    J. Teague MIN 343
    T. Jones MIN 327
    K. Towns MIN 259
    D. Rose MIN 220
    A. Wiggins MIN 184
  • Blocked Shots
    K. Towns MIN 125
    A. Wiggins MIN 48
    R. Covington MIN 47
    G. Dieng MIN 41
    T. Gibson MIN 39
  • Steals
    J. Okogie MIN 88
    T. Jones MIN 81
    R. Covington MIN 74
    A. Wiggins MIN 70
    K. Towns MIN 67
  • Points
    J. Harden HOU 2818
    P. George OKC 2159
    K. Walker CHA 2102
    B. Beal WAS 2099
    D. Lillard POR 2067
  • Rebounds
    A. Drummond DET 1232
    R. Gobert UTA 1041
    N. Vucevic ORL 960
    K. Towns MIN 954
    D. Jordan NY 902
  • Assists
    R. Westbrook OKC 784
    T. Young ATL 653
    B. Simmons PHI 610
    D. Fox SAC 590
    J. Harden HOU 586
  • Field Goal Percentage
    R. Gobert UTA .669
    C. Capela HOU .648
    J. McGee LAL .624
    T. Bryant WAS .616
    M. Harrell LAC .615
  • Blocked Shots
    M. Turner IND 199
    R. Gobert UTA 187
    B. Lopez MIL 179
    M. Robinson NY 161
    J. McGee LAL 148
  • Steals
    P. George OKC 170
    J. Harden HOU 158
    M. Smart BOS 143
    R. Westbrook OKC 142
    A. Drummond DET 136
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July 11
Minnesota Timberwolves President Gersson Rosas

Hartman: Taylor stands behind Rosas as Wolves reshape roster

The Timberwolves decision to let Tyus Jones go to the Memphis Grizzlies on a three-year, $28 million deal had to be difficult for owner Glen Taylor.
July 11
Keita Bates-Diop celebrated with Timberwolves teammates after a game in March at Target Center.

Wolves rally past Miami, stay undefeated in NBA summer league

The win advances Minnesota, which trailed by as many as 20 points, to the eight-team, single-elimination Summer League Tournament.
July 11
Tyus Jones

Tyus Jones: 'Minnesota will always be home'

Apple Valley's Tyus Jones, who is moving on with his career by joining the Memphis Grizzlies, released a statement Wednesday night thanking his fans.
July 10
Ex-Gophers guard Coffey signs two-way contract with Clippers

Ex-Gophers guard Coffey signs two-way contract with Clippers

Former Gophers guard Amir Coffey, who led the team in scoring and assists last season, officially signed a two-way contract with the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday.
July 10
Timberwolves 2020: You can see the future from here

Timberwolves 2020: You can see the future from here

It’s becoming clear that the Wolves are gearing up for the summer and fall of 2020 while treating the upcoming season as a way to see where they stand.
July 10
Former Gophers Jordan Murphy (left) and Amir Coffey have played well in the NBA Summer League. Murphy comes off the bench for the Timberwolves; Coffey

Former Gophers Coffey, Murphy shine in NBA Summer League

Ex-Gophers standouts Amir Coffey and Jordan Murphy make an impression in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. Coffey starts for the Los Angeles Clippers. Murphy comes off the bench for Timberwolves.
July 10
Noah Vonleh drives to the basket against the Wolves in February.

Wolves makeover: Revamped roster big on youth, built for speed

Gersson Rosas said he views the lineup as "a point guard, wings and fives," with the idea of forcing other teams to adapt to what the Wolves are doing.
July 10
The Timberwolves announced Tuesday night that they will not match the three-year, $28 million offer sheet point guard Tyus Jones received from the Mem

Goodbye, Tyus. Wolves won't match offer, Jones headed for Memphis

The Wolves tried to come up with a deal for the backup point guard and Apple Valley native as free agency began, but Memphis' offer would have put them up against the salary tax.
July 10

Tyus Jones through the years

A look at Tyus Jones' start in basketball in Minnesota up through his time playing for the Timberwolves.
July 9
Karl-Anthony Towns has declared no intentions to leave Minnesota. Building a winner around him would help ensure that.

Scoggins: Wolves can't let Towns conclude he'd be better off elsewhere

As superstars shuffle from team to team, the Wolves can't risk Karl-Anthony Towns becoming dismayed or tired of missing the playoffs -- and ultimately decide he'd rather play somewhere else.
July 9
Wolves forward Keita Bates-Diop (left, defending against Denver's Paul Millsap in April) is trying to build off what he did last season, when he crack

Bates-Diop learning benefits of playing under control in NBA

It's evident when watching the Timberwolves in summer league that Keita Bates-Diop is among the most confident players on the floor. Can that translate in more success during the regular season?
July 9
Russell knows he might not be in Golden State long

Russell knows he might not be in Golden State long

Almost as soon as Golden State nabbed Russell out from under the rest of the NBA (and most notably the Timberwolves), reports started emerging that his stay with the Warriors might not last long.
July 9
Timberwolves rookie Jarrett Culver spoke with the media on his first official day with the team during the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. He reported

Too risky: Culver won't suit up for Wolves in Las Vegas summer league

Because the Wolves were not able to complete their draft-night trade with the Suns until Saturday, Culver was not allowed to participate in their summer league minicamp.

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