VikesCentric: The Patterson puzzle

VikesCentric: The Patterson puzzle

Cordarrelle Patterson showed us again on Saturday night just how dangerous he can be, which is why he's so frustrating.

VikesCentric: A tall order--Vikings grab Waynes in the first round

May 1
A look at how new cornerback Trae Waynes will fit in with the Vikings.

VikesCentric: Final Mock Draft

April 28
Bo Mitchell checks in with one last mock NFL draft before the real thing begins on Thursday.
April 21

VikesCentric: Best Vikings draft ever

One man's effort to determine the best Vikings draft of all time.
April 20

VikesCentric: Report: Vikes are high with their trade value for Peterson

Vikings don't seem to be interested in trading Peterson at this time.
April 17

VikesCentric: Yet another NFL Draft approach--needs analysis

A look at the Vikings' draft needs and which players can fill them.
April 3

VikesCentric: Vikings first-round draft history

A historical look back at the positions the Vikings have addressed with their first-round picks since 1961.
Access Vikings: The Podcast
Listen Access Vikings: The Podcast
updated 1 hours 40 mins. ago
Check out our weekly Vikings podcast, featuring Michael Rand and Matt Vensel.
March 30

Vikings Broadening Their Horizons Through Free Agency

A different approach to free agency could help the Vikings long-term success...
March 28

VIKES CENTRIC: Minnesota's Mad Scientist

Mike Zimmer received high praise in year one, but it might be the visible impact he's had on former players that speaks the loudest.
March 24

VikesCentric: Trust in Teddy—working to be even better

Catching up with young Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.
March 23

VikesCentric: AP turned 30, does that really matter?

Adrian Peterson turned 30 this weekend. Is there truly a precedent set for RBs to drop off after their 30th birthday?
Vikings stadium section: The game plan
Stadium News Vikings stadium section: The game plan
updated 19 hours 45 mins. ago
The latest news on the construction of the new Vikings stadium in downtown Minneapolis. It's set to open in the fall of 2016.
March 21

VikesCentric: Shifting Focus, Vikings Move On To Next Offseason Phase

As the second week of free agency draws to a close, it's time for the Vikings to shift their focus on to the next phase.
March 20

VikesCentric: Vikings should address the offensive line

A call for the Vikings to start upgrading the offensive line.
March 19

VikesCentric: Vikings Honing In On DB Trae Waynes

Week to week, the mock drafts change, but the closer you get to the draft, the better picture you can paint. The Vikings are starting to show their hand towards one player in particular...
March 17

VikesCentric: Opportunity knocks for Wright

In the aftermath of the Vikings' recent wide receiver moves, Jarius Wright stands to see a lot of playing time at slot receiver.
March 14

VikesCentric: The Wallace Trade Changes EVERYTHING for the Vikings

Acquiring WR Mike Wallace via trade changes the Vikings approach to their entire offseason heading into 2015.
March 12

VikesCentric: Mock Draft 3.0

The first wave of free agency is over, meaning it's a good time for another NFL mock draft.
March 10

VikesCentric: New league year begins--let's go Boling

A plea for the Vikings to sign free agent guard Clint Boling.
March 7

VikesCentric: The Best Options To Backup Teddy

Matt Cassel, traded. Christian Ponder, gone. The Vikings are in need of a backup quarterback...who fits the bill?
March 3

VikesCentric: Top 5 Vikings draft picks—first round

A look at the top five best first round draft picks in Vikings history.
March 2

VikesCentric: 2015 Adjusted Jersey Buying Guide

A guide to jersey buying now that AP is not on top of the list...
March 1

VikesCentric: Top 5 Vikings draft picks—Second Round

A look at the top five best second round draft picks in Viking history.
February 28

VIKES CENTRIC: Replacing Charlie - The Preferred Path To Filling The Gap At LG

Now that the Vikings have released LG Charlie Johnson, it's time to start thinking about filling the gap...

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