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Twins spring training wrapup on Saturday from Fort Myers

Glen Perkins threw 15 pitches with no problems on Saturday and he continues his comeback from shoulder surgery. He still has a long way to go, and there are no plans to ramp up his schedule. He tore the labrum in his left shoulder last season, and those aren't the easiest surgeries to come back from.

The Twins aren't even sure when Perkins will be ready to pitch in games.

"He’s going to have to help steer the ship here," manager Paul Molitor said. ".He’s kind of earned that by what he’s done in the game. You just try to guard him against meeting other people’s expectations and what we hope might happen. It’s a long way back from a fairly major surgery so we’ll kind of just have to see how it goes."

One different thing about this camp is that the catchers are going through daily pitch framing drills. I spoke with prospect Mitch Garver, who really likes working on them, Jason Castro, whose strength is pitch framing, has been helping as well. The catchers will eventually work on their footwork and positioning behind the plate. That's important to make sire the umpire has clear view of the outside corner.

Umpires line up between the shoulder of the catcher and hitter, that opening is referred to as the slot. Consequently, they sometimes struggle with pitches on the outside corner. That's where the catcher can position himself to make sure the umpire has as good of a view as possible.

Interesting stuff. I'm still not sure if the pitch framing metrics are the real deal. And I read a story during the offseason that suggested that catchers with spot-hitting staffs tend to be better pitch framers than catchers with high velocity staffs. But this is what we have to work with.

I watched Craig Breslow throw in the bullpen today while testing the slow-motion option on the smartphone. I mentioned it to Breslow after the workout. He asked to see the video and grimaced while watching it. "That's too high," he said. Breslow has been working on a lower arm angle that gives him a better breaking ball. But his arm was not as low as it needed to be on Saturday.

I also attempted to Facebook live some of the throwing sessions. I didn't realize the reverse angle mode was on, so everything looked backward. Oh well, it's spring training for me, too. I believe we are going to use Facebook live more this year, so make sure you follow the Star Tribune Sports page there for more content. Today's video has been posted on my personal Facebook page, for those I have friended. Breslow's slo-mo work is on there too. 

Twins' ongoing search for bullpen help might come up empty

If the Twins do sign another free agent pitcher, it will most likely be a non-roster player.

And that means it won't be anyone of note. 

The Twins had expressed interest in righthander Joe Blanton, but indications are that he wants around $5 million to pitch this year. That also means he would want a roster spot. I'm not suggesting that the Twins have a stacked roster, but they have already moved Pat Light and Byung Ho Park off the 40-man roster in recent weeks and probably don't want to try to sneak a third through waivers.

The Twins did pursue reliever Tommy Hunter before he signed a minor league deal with the Rays on Friday.

I'm guessing that the Twins won't bring in another arm. They have 31 pitchers in camp, for goodness sakes. Rochester should have a fine Class AAA pitching staff.

Outfielder Drew Stubbs reported to camp today, so all 62 players are here in time for Sunday's first full squad workout.

Glen Perkins is among the pitchers who will throw off the mound today as he continues to work his way back from shoulder surgery.

The Twins promotional staff is in town to film commercials that will run during the season. Byron Buxton, Eddie Rosario and Max Kepler are filming one as I write. Brian Dozier and Miguel Sano will shoot one this afternoon. A third will include Joe Mauer and TC Bear.

I'll check back later with any updates.