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Game No. 1,858 feels a little special for Joe Mauer as he considers future

    Joe Mauer says he plans to play all nine innings today, but we’ll see if Paul Molitor agrees. Mauer is at first base for the first time since Thursday, and atop the lineup as usual, for his 1,858th — and perhaps last — Twins game.

    “I’m just excited, excited to go out there and play,” Mauer said in an unusual impromptu press conference in front of his corner locker. “This week has been a lot of fun, there’s been some good crowds, some nice moments, and we’ve been playing well, which is a great thing, too.”

    Mauer said he doesn’t generally get emotional on the field, but conceded that, “maybe this year. … The last couple of days have been a little emotional, but it’s been fun. Just the interactions I’ve had with people here. Just having conversations on personal levels, with people inside, fans, teammates, all sorts of people.”

    He won’t make a decision about 2019 for at least a few weeks, he said, but Mauer sounds at peace with whatever he decides.

    “Either way, it’s a good decision, you know?” he said. “I can either play, or go home and be with my girls. I don’t think there’s a wrong decision there.”

    The game with the White Sox, like all MLB games today, will begin shortly after 2 p.m. Here are the lineups for what should be a memorable afternoon:



Sanchez 3B

L. Garcia SS

Palka RF

A. Garcia DH

Davidson 1B

Delmonico LF

Castillo C

Moncada 2B

Cordell CF


Covey RHP




Mauer 1B

Polanco SS

Cave CF

Grossman LF

Garver DH

Kepler RF

Forsythe 2B

Astudillo 3B

Graterol C


Littell RHP

Near triple play turns into big inning for Twins

Paul Molitor couldn't watch. FSN's Dick Bremer actually had gotten, "and a trip...."  out of his mouth.

The Tigers had a shot at a triple play in the fifth inning but ended up getting just one - after replay.

With Robbie Grossman on second and Tyler Austin on first, Molitor called for a hit and run with the contact intensive Willians Astudillo at the plate. With the runners going, Astudillo hit a liner right at second baseman Dawel Lugo. Uh-oh.

Lugo threw to shortstop Ronny Rodriguez to double up Grossman. Rodriguez threw to first to try to nab Austin but first baseman Niko Goodrum dropped the ball. 

Two outs...not really.

"I couple guys in the dugout said we want to check it," Molitor said, "and right when we said we want to check it, the phone rang. So our guys were on top of it. They picked it up right away."

The Twins challenged the call at second and won. Rodriguez was off the bag when he caught the ball. So Grossman was ruled safe. It took 3 minutes, 36 for the replay mavens to rule on the play.

Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire came out of the dugout, and we all thought he was going to get tossed. Although it looked like an admonishment from where I was sitting, I guess Gardy was just getting a clarification on the rule because Grossman had vacated second base after he was called out.

"It kind of goes both ways," Molitor said, "but there is something in there about when a base is abandoned and the out call is made it's going to favor the offensive team, I believe, in replacing the runner on second base. It was a good catch by replay because I was closing my eyes, hoping not to see a triple play, so I missed the  play at second."

It ended up being a big play, as the Twins started hitting and scored five runs in the inning - all after the Tigers botched a triple play on two ends.

"We had a triple play that turned into a five-run inning," Gardy said. "That's not good."