Q: As soon as I read your article on the Cambridge Audio Air 100 and Air 200 Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi speakers, I went to the site to make a purchase. But they didn't have any in stock, even though you said they felt they had adequate supply to fill all the orders that might come in. Are these highly recommended speakers discontinued? Are they gone for good?

A: Yes, they are discontinued. But, no, they are not gone for good.

Cambridge Audio reduced the prices dramatically after the company decided to drop the Air 100 and Air 200. In saying that it had an adequate supply of those speakers on hand, the company seriously misjudged demand. I spoke with the folks at Cambridge Audio, and they informed me that a surprisingly high percentage of customers ordered not just one speaker, but multiple units, either for use in several rooms or as gifts.

The good news is that there will be one last chance to get an Air 100 for $144.99, Air 200 for $189.99 or Bluetone 100 for $129.99. The company, which is based in England, is calling in speakers from inventory located in other parts of the world. These speakers will be available in mid-September on a first-come, first-served basis, and this time, when they are gone, they are really gone.

To be added to the contact list, call the company's customer support line at 877-357-8204 or submit a support ticket on cambridgeaudio.com. If you want a speaker, I suggest getting on the list right away.

If you end up getting shut out, don't fall victim to total despair. The Air speakers are being replaced with a line called Yoyo. I just started testing those speakers, and they also are excellent. The smallest Yoyo speaker, the Yoyo (S), is only $179.99 and sounds a lot like its bigger brethren. It uses the same innovative, patented Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speaker technology, and, befitting a fine speaker from a British manufacturer, has a beautiful worsted wool finish from famed Yorkshire weaver Marton Mills. I will have detailed reviews in a future column.

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