Florida's Rosario says he didn't plan trick play vs. FGCU

  • Article by: SCHUYLER DIXON
  • Associated Press
  • March 30, 2013 - 10:47 PM

ARLINGTON, Texas - Florida guard Mike Rosario didn't plan the risky pass-off-the-defender inbound play that he turned into a dunk late in Friday's win over Florida Gulf Coast.

Even though he'd seen video of FGCU's Brett Comer doing the same thing to Georgetown for a layup when the 15th-seeded Eagles of sudden "Dunk City" fame bounced the Hoyas in the second round.

"It was totally spur of the moment," said Rosario, reminding reporters that he had actually done it in a game early this season.

Rosario was throwing it in at midcourt when FGCU's Christophe Varidel turned his back. Then the Eagles vacated the basket and had all their defenders around midcourt.

"So I was like, you know what, I probably could steal a basket on this one," Rosario said.

He hit the ball off Varidel's back, quickly stepped inbounds and took off for a one-handed dunk and an 11-point Florida lead.

Rosario says coach Billy Donovan, not always a fan of his impulse moves, didn't really yell at him on the bench after the play. But he probably wasn't surprised.

"Mike's the kind of guy where if you give an inch, he will work to get it to six inches and he'll work to get it to be a foot," Donovan said. "And before you know it, I'm actually one of the players and he's coaching the team."

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