Steve Rice, Star Tribune

Kitschy attraction: World's largest Paul Bunyan in Akeley

  • May 14, 2012 - 2:11 PM

From a pirate-themed souvenir stand in Royalton to a Spam homage in Austin, Minnesota abounds with quirky destinations. Our best kitsch is a public statement of civic pride: giant fish, turkeys, Vikings, voyageurs and other regional emblems looming larger than life over parks and main streets. But the king of Minnesota's roadside colossi is Paul Bunyan, whose bulky plaid-clad frame invites travelers to photo ops throughout the state, and the best Paul of all is in Akeley. He is so tall he has to kneel to keep his head from hitting the sky. Climb in his palm and get a townsperson to take your photo -- it's your civic duty.

Runner-up: The talking Paul Bunyan in Brainerd

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