10th Av. Bridge reopens to traffic

  • Article by: Randy Furst
  • Star Tribune
  • August 31, 2007 - 1:26 PM

Hundreds of people on foot and on bikes criss-crossed the 10th Av. bridge today, and stopped to stare and take photographs of the crumpled remains of the collapsed I-35 bridge in Minneapolis.

"It's chilling," said John Nordby, 21, of Mounds View, who was there with a friend John Mortag, 20, of Mounds View.

"It's pretty surreal looking at it," said Mortag.

The 10th Av. bridge was open for the first time today with one lane in each direction of vehicle traffic and a wide pedestrian walkway to make possible the best public view of the downed bridge which fell into the Mississippi on Aug. 1.

Among those gazing at the collapsed bridge remains was Lindsay Petterson, 24, of St. Louis Park, who was wearing a back brace and using a walker.

"I was down there," she said, pointing to a spot on the river, where her car tumbled when the bridge collapsed.

"I thought I was going to die," she said. "I was on my last bit of oxygen when I suddenly .... found a hole in the window ..."

She looked at the crowds staring through the safety perimeter fence. "It's kind of, in a way, a tourist attraction," she said. "Everyone feels a connection to the bridge."

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