Jennifer Rubin
July 10
The second night of the first pair of Democratic presidential debates in June. The next pair will air July 30 and 31 on CNN.

Mostly decent rules for the next Democratic debate

No shows of hands or demands for one-word answers! Good. So how about these questions instead for depth?
John Paul Brammer
July 10
Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro during a Fox News town hall in June. During a recent interview, he said: “In my grandparents’ time

Julián Castro can't speak Spanish. Here's why that's so authentic.

As a practical matter, many Latino families in the past desired their children to only learn English.
Stephen L. Carter
July 10
Texas billionaire Ross Perot in May 1992, laughing after saying “watch my lips” in response to reporters asking when he planned to formally enter

I'm going to miss Ross Perot

The onetime presidential candidate who died Tuesday was, as one scholar noted, "a walking oxymoron — a billionaire populist, an extraordinary ordinary person."
July 9

Economic boom is, well, persistent

Stock market (and if not that, the job market) gives Americans hope.
Steve Sack
July 9
Sack cartoon: Trump's climate policy

Sack cartoon: Trump's climate policy

Nicole Sullivan
July 9
Champagne Monroe reads “Rainbow Fish” for Drag Queen Story Hour at a library in Mobile, Ala.

Counterpoint: Commentary about 'nuance' wasn't nuanced

It appears to have misunderstood a blog post I wrote after my Denver bookstore was vandalized by a white supremacist group. It also just picked a bad example.
Constance Tuck and Rachel Sullivan-Nightengale
July 9
St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell announced the firing of five police officers for failing to intervene in an assault last year.

Counterpoint: Community feedback confirms a problem with St. Paul police

Both the extent of complaints and the insufficient accounting of them have become clear.
July 9
Federal funding helps protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, above.

Readers Write: Conservation, Pledge of Allegiance, Minnehaha Parkway traffic, U.S. women's soccer

To save the outdoors, fund it.
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