No great shakes

Straight-up Shakespeare will no longer do, which explains everything from the Trump-inspired version of "Julius Caesar" in Central Park to "Still Star Crossed," ABC's post-"Romeo and Juliet" mess. "Will" puts the playwright himself center-stage, hurling him into one soap-opera scandal after another. It's much ado about nothing, although the vibrant cinematography and blasts of punk music sometimes have you thinking otherwise.

8 p.m. TNT

Family reunion

Neither divorce nor cancellation can keep Kate Gosselin away from the cameras. "Kate Plus 8" is back in what's being billed as the first of three specials with a focus on the kids entering their teenage years. Mom has to hang on only a couple more years before the brood can venture out into reality adulthood on their own.

9 p.m. TLC

Blood work

"Castlemania" is the latest video game to be adapted for the screen, this time as a very dark, very adult cartoon featuring a vampire slayer taking on Dracula. Think "Game of Thrones" instead of "Buffy." Noted stage actor Richard Armitage is among the voice cast.

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Neal Justin