Before we get into possible problems with my plum tree, I want to tell you its history.   

For about 5 years, it was a mystery plant.  It grew in a spot where we poisoned some buckthorn.  We had no idea what type of plant was growing, just knew that it was not a buckthorn.  

It had interesting bark that we braided to lend a little interest into the area.  Year 3 the plant grew thorns.  Someone thought, but by the time it would be big enough to destroy the driveway, we would probably not be living in the house.

Then last year it bloomed.  Beautiful white blossoms covered the plant.  Later in the Spring, little ‘olives’ showed up.  Those olives grew plump and blushed.  It was not a Hawthorn.  I identified it as a plum tree.  And yes, had the guts to pick off a fruit and eat it.  

Last year, we had a bumper crop.  I canned plums; I made plum sauce; I made plum wine.  This year, I was happily anticipating another great season.  Then this happened. The fruits look dry and wrinkly.  

I don’t have time to look at the books so I look to you dear readers.  What is going on with my plums?  Will I need to go through Winter with store-bought plum wine?