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Tiptoe Past the Corpses

That was shocking, wasn't it? That thing happened. Then there were zombies. It looks grim! Have they lost the haven they thought they'd found? Tune in to the second half of season 14, or 23, or 2.

How long have they been wandering around? I can't tell anymore. The baby's still an infant but Coral is has grown the amount you'd expect in five years.

This may seem like the most useless kind of nitpickery, but the show opened with that kid listening to "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" while Foreshadowing Ants came down the window sill. It was a 45. I have a hard time believing that anyone had 45s around, but even if they did, wouldn't they be rock? Who had a 45 of "Tiptoe"? You might say hey, Tiny Tim was a big deal. He was a deal, yes. He had a momentary spike with his ditzy-hippie warbling. But that wasn't Tiny Tim. The version in "TWD" was sung by Nick Lucas, the Crooning Troubadour, the Father of the Jazz Guitar. Well, then, you say, it was a reissue of Lucas' version, intended to capitalize on Tim's success.You're being quite contentious today. I don't know why you have so much invested in this. It could have been a reissue, but that wasn't the version that gave Nick the #1 song of 1929. The chorus at the end tells you were they got it from:

Here's the fun part. Nick Lucas, on the Tonight Show in 1969. Forty years after his big #1. Seventy-two years old.

Wikipedia: "An inspiration to Tiny Tim, who made Lucas' 'Tip-Toe Through the Tulips his own theme song, Lucas became friends with the performer, and on December 17, 1969, when Tiny Tim married Miss Vicki on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, Lucas was there to sing their trademark song."

Sweet, no? 

"Fargo" showed Fargo - and got it wrong

Two things I'm tired of hearing:

1. Fargo is the best show on TV. Really? Have you seen every other TV show currently running? Does this include Netflix series that were released this fall? Amazon streaming? Because I'm here to tell you that if you watched every other show, you'd have to agree that there's a lot of quality TV today. And also "Fargo" is the best show on TV.

2. They keep getting Fargo wrong. I know, it's a small point. But last night's ep had some actual Fargo. Here's the shot of the Police Station:

Well, well. There are four buildings in the background. Three of them are Fargo buildings. They don't fit together like that. Take the buildings on the left:

The tall structure is the Radisson; the short building, shorn of its recently added crown, is the Gate City Savings. In real life, they look like this.

Then there's this:

It's the old First National Bank, seen from Main Avenue looking north. From that perspective the other buildings would be on the right, not the left.

They just made up the tall tower in the background. But it's better than passing off some Canadian town as Fargo; that's a start.

As for the Pearl Hotel, it's in Calgary:

As for the daughter who was taken from the motel and driven into the woods, she's not dead. She crawled under a Dumpster.