GE's new Reveal 60-watt equivalent LED bulb looks and works a lot like its familiar incandescent counterpart. It's the same size, and will fit the same fixtures — except it uses a lot less energy.

How much: $19.97 suggested retail price.

Where to buy: Available at Home Depot, and other chains.

Pro: This new LED bulb looks and acts a lot like the familiar 60-watt incandescent bulbs that are fading out of circulation. It screws in conventional fixtures and will last more than 13 years, while saving on energy costs (an estimated $80 over its considerable lifetime). Using just 11 watts, this bulb also has several positive features that its CFL counterparts don't. It's mercury-free, instant-on and dimmable. The quality of light is warm and natural, much like sunlight. Prices are coming down, too.

Con: It's still an investment at $20 a bulb, although this model was originally introduced at $30. It's rated at 570 lumens, which seems a little low for a 60-watt equivalent. But the light was very bright when tested.

Rating (out of 5): Four stars

Sacramento Bee