They are good friends. The kind who get together and bring the kids along. They’ve known each other for a dozen years, ever since Kid Rock sought out Bob Seger’s manager.

Now these icons of Detroit rock ’n’ roll are contemplating touring together. They are testing the waters with two Midwestern gigs together — St. Paul on Friday and Fargo on Saturday — in the midst of their separate tours.

They’ve made cameo appearances at each other’s gigs, and even shared a bill at a festival in Orlando in 2011.

They have more in common than being Detroit rock heroes who have longtime band members and sported shoulder-length hair in their respective heydays.

“One is the younger version of the other,” says longtime Detroit rock critic Gary Graff, who has interviewed both stars extensively and wrote a book on Seger, for which Kid Rock contributed the afterword. “They are normal guys living abnormal lives. They still carry the blue-collar aesthetic of Detroit. When Kid Rock put together the Twisted Brown Trucker Band, he wanted the Silver Bullet Band. They are both deep thinkers about their process.”

The two stars maintain contrasting profiles in their hometown, however. Aside from the occasional appearance to sing a patriotic song at a sporting event, Seger is rarely seen, while Kid Rock is the music community’s most visible booster, whether singing at a Detroit Symphony benefit concert, hawking his Made in Detroit clothing line or providing homes for Wounded Warriors.

As for the two joint concerts this weekend, the speculation is that Kid Rock will open, followed by Seger and then a collaboration at night’s end. Whatever the case, Graff says, “Detroit is watching from afar with envy.”


Seger: 67.

Kid Rock: 42.

What friends call them

Seger: Bob.

Kid Rock: Bob.

Motor City dad

Seger: Stewart Seger was a medical technician for Ford.

Kid Rock: Bill Ritchie owned a Lincoln-Mercury dealership.

Marital status

Seger: Married, to wife No. 3.

Kid Rock: Single, but had four weddings with Pamela Anderson.


Seger: Samantha, 17, and Cole, 20.

Kid Rock: Bob Ritchie Jr., 20.

Albums sold in U.S.

Seger: 42.5 million.

Kid Rock: 23 million.

What one did for the other

Seger: Contributed piano and backup vocals to the Kid Rock song “Collide”(2011).

Kid Rock: Inducted Seger into Rock Hall of Fame in 2004, sang on his song “Real Mean Bottle” (2006) and let Seger record and rehearse for a 2011 tour at his complex.

What they say about each other

Seger: “He’s just a really good guy and a really good friend. He’ll call and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got a suite for the Lions game’ or ‘Let’s go out to dinner with the families.’ ”

Kid Rock: “Anyone who lives there [Detroit] will testify that Bob Seger is God.”

also recorded with

Seger: Glenn Frey, 3 Doors Down, Martina McBride.

Kid Rock: R. Kelly, Zac Brown, Uncle Kracker, Yelawolf, Hank Williams Jr., Sheryl Crow, Slash, Run-D.M.C., Trombone Shorty.