Pre-Beatles, Vee was hot on the hit parade and even was a featured performer in movies. Here are his biggest hits, with their peak position in the Top 40, and the film he made.


"Devil or Angel" 1960 No. 6

"Rubber Ball" 1960 No. 6

"Take Good Care of My Baby" 1961 No. 1

"Run to Him" 1961 No. 2

"The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" 1962 No. 3

"Come Back When You Grow Up" 1967 No. 3


"Swingin' Along" 1962 Tommy Noonan

"Play It Cool" 1962 Billy Fury

"Just for Fun" 1963 Mark Wynter

"C'mon, Let's Live a Little" 1967 Bobby Vee