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Columnist | Metro
Phone: 612-673-7858
James Lileks writes a metro column and is an anchor/producer for NewsBreak, the webcast on startribune.com. He also blogs under The Blog O'Things.

Recent content from James Lileks

Lileks: The awful truth behind gas that suddenly costs $4.29 a gallon

If you filled up your tank this week, you’ve noticed the price jumped from the new painful normal to HOLY...

Updated: May 16, 2013, - 08:19 PM

Lileks: Sir, I'll need your license, registration and Twitter handle

Friday night had the largest drunken-driving patrol in Twin Cities history. Some news outlets said they’d be tweeting the names...

Updated: May 11, 2013, - 07:42 PM

Lileks: Plastic, you say? That’ll be a nickel a bag – for Uncle Sam

“Sturdy, reusable mainstay of the grocery industry,” the clerk usually says, “or shabby non-reusable turtle-choker?”I’m paraphrasing. Paper or plastic, that...

Updated: May 10, 2013, - 12:07 AM

Lileks: Time to zipper merge

It’s not often I admit I’m wrong, because that tarnishes the sense of infallibility newspaper columnists share with meteorologists and...

Updated: May 04, 2013, - 10:35 PM

Lileks: Just once, fire should consume the scourge of the neighborhood

If you read of a south Minneapolis deli burning down, you no doubt felt a sympathetic twinge for everyone who...

Updated: April 27, 2013, - 05:23 PM

Lileks: Minneapolis Pothole #480414 repaired... Next!

There must be a proper, scientific name for a pothole. Something you can use in conversation to make yourself sound...

Updated: April 25, 2013, - 08:57 PM

Lileks: In Minnesota, 2013 is a broken year

Friday was declared “Ski to work day,” which is just the sort of positive, laugh-through-your-tears attitude we need to keep...

Updated: April 20, 2013, - 09:27 PM

Lileks: Aware of weather? Can’t you hear our screaming?

Blowing the tornado sirens during a snowstorm is like setting off the fire alarm on the Titanic: Can’t really improve...

Updated: April 18, 2013, - 08:57 PM

Minnesota reruns: clothing tax, the weather

According to one novel theory, the universe is actually a computer simulation. We’re living in someone’s machine, and we have...

Updated: April 13, 2013, - 09:43 PM

Lileks: One last cup of coffee at our neighborhood's doomed Caribou

Be honest. When you read the headline, Mayo says 49 out of 50 states want them, you thought: Which one...

Updated: April 11, 2013, - 10:56 PM

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