PHOENIX – No matter what he does, Jeff Teague just can't seem to stay healthy.

Teague was back on the injury report and missed Tuesday's game because of a new designation — left foot soreness.

But Teague said it is related to the left ankle soreness that caused him to miss nine games in December and early January. Teague took games off then in an attempt to heal the injury, but he came back when he said it wasn't 100 percent. Now, his foot is bothering him as a result. Interim coach Ryan Saunders said the Wolves would re-evaluate him in a few days.

"I'll just try to see if I can get out there and run," Teague said. "But right now I can't even really run. I guess we'll see."

Teague said this season has been "rough" for him given the multiple injuries he has sustained.

"Not being able to do things that I know I can do and dealing with pain constantly isn't a fun thing," Teague said.

Leaning on Bayless

With Teague and Tyus Jones (left ankle) out, it likely means more playing time for Jerryd Bayless, who has been biding his time since arriving in Minnesota from Philadelphia in the Jimmy Butler trade.

"It's just a lot of guards here," Bayless said. "Trying to find minutes for a guy that didn't go through training camp and hasn't really been with the team has been difficult. I understand it's part of this business, but now the opportunity kind of showcased itself, hopefully I can take advantage of it."

On Sunday he played nearly 22 minutes, his most playing time of the season, and scored seven points on 3-for- 7 shooting. In this new role, the Wolves have asked him to rotate point guard and off-guard duties with Derrick Rose.

"I'm comfortable with both, and it's really just getting an opportunity to play, show what you're capable of doing," Bayless said.

"The last game [Sunday] was the first game I had a real chance, realistically. Hopefully that can continue."

Saunders said Bayless' professionalism when it comes to his changing roles has been welcome in the locker room.

"He's been really important … " Saunders said. "Staying ready, coming in, obviously in the middle of the season via trade, being able to play both the one and the two and adjust and really just be ready, it's a big credit to him."

Unusual schedule

The Wolves were playing their second game in a row against the Suns on Tuesday and coming up, they will play the Jazz on Friday in Salt Lake City before facing them at home Sunday.

Saunders said planning for the second game in such a scenario can be a little more specific than the first.

"You have a similar framework to things. It's more like being in a playoff series in a way," Saunders said. "You tinker with things that didn't work, but the things that did work you try to stick with them so there will be some adjustments on both sides."

But Saunders said even though the opponents are the same and it might mean less time game planning, it doesn't mean any extra sleep for him.

"There's always something that can be done," Saunders said. "I wish that was the case."