Yalumba ‘The Y Series’ Sangiovese South Australia Rosé 2018

The Northern Hemisphere’s 2018 rosés are just starting to seep into the market. So it’s a good thing — a very good thing — that a dandy Down Under offering such as the Yalumba “The Y Series” Sangiovese South Australia Rosé 2018 ($12) is easy enough to find in the meantime. Lovely florals portend an array of red fruits, not just the usual cherry/berry but also watermelon. This is a dry but rich and generous rosé made not with shiraz but with a grape usually associated with Italy. The butterfly on the label signifies this stellar winery’s sustainable practices. A superb patio sipper, this Aussie delight is a natural for shrimp (and not just on the barbie), other shellfish, trout and spring salads.

Available at Brightwines, Big Discount, Surdyk’s, Bottle House, MGM (Dundas) and others.

Bill Ward