Vikings owner Zygi Wilf was at the Mall of America on Monday night for the team's premiere of the "History of the Minnesota Vikings" DVD that will be released Tuesday.

The DVD was produced and created by NFL Films and Warner Brothers Home Video. In addition to Zygi and Mark Wilf, a number of team officials and former Vikings attended the premiere held at the Theatres at Mall of America.

Zygi Wilf spoke to reporters for a few minutes before the premiere and it was obvious a season-opening loss to the New Orleans Saints did not dampen his enthusiasm or expectations for the season.

"We've built a team that we expect to go all the way," he said. "We're not holding back right now. We're in it for the whole match."

Asked about his sense of urgency after getting Brett Favre back for one more season, Wilf said: "We've built our team to be at this point. We feel that we're all in. We're going to try our best to fulfill our goal. So we're all in."

Wilf said at the start of training camp that Favre was the team's quarterback, even before Favre announced he was returning. Wilf was asked if he ever became nervous as the waiting game continued.

"I certainly had a lot of confidence that he would be back," Wilf said. "But I knew that his feeling was genuine, that he was thinking deep and hard about it. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and waited and hoped that he would make the decision to come, as he did. That's why I'm optimistic that we'll do very well this year."

Wilf was asked about the team's decision to increase Favre's salary by $3 million, now at $16 million.

"Like I stated before, I never felt with Brett money was an issue," Wilf said. "In fact, those things had been worked out earlier. I think it was his decision, his family's decision whether he would come back and we're very happy that he did."

Wilf declined to say whether the team will pursue Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson. He also declined to answer a question about the NFL's labor situation and looming threat of a lockout next spring. 

Wilf did say he believes the roster is mostly set.

"We're pretty set the way we are," he said. "I think from last year we really haven't had much change so we're ready to go."

Wilf concluded his interview by talking about the DVD and what the team's history means to him as the owner.

"I've already seen the film and was very moved," he said. "Not being here for most of the history of this team, certainly the first 45 years of it, I was very moved by the comments of a lot of the veterans and I think it really shows the passion that the fans, the players and everyone in the community has for the Minnesota Vikings. It gave me goose bumps to just see what the team has done and how much the Vikings mean to the community. I think everybody will get the same goose bumps when they see it."

The DVD goes on sale Tuesday at Vikings Locker Room stores, and DVD retail outlets.