Look at this serendipitous row of dominoes in front of you:

The Vikings’ win at Lambeau Field last week gave them a home playoff game, which was slotted for noon Sunday against Seattle. In response to that, the Timberwolves moved their home game Sunday against Phoenix from a 2:30 p.m. start time to a 4 p.m. start time. The Wild already was scheduled to host New Jersey at 7 p.m.

That gives Minnesota sports fans a very real and very rare chance at a sports triple-header Sunday. Once those fans stop worrying about the possibility of losing all three games, they should consider these five options when it comes to how to handle the day:

• The deluxe: If you are a fan of Minnesota sports in general, this is your dream day.

Buy great seats to all three games. (Nice lower level tickets for the Vikings and Wild are going for about $150 apiece on Stubhub.com, while good Wolves tickets will set you back about $100.

Take the fanciest Ubers back and forth across town, with no regard for surge pricing, to give you the best chance of seeing every second of every game.

Tailgate before the Vikings. Go out after the Wild game. Call in sick Monday. Quit your job. Write that novel. Live your best life. (Or at least take a half-day).

• The deluxe on a budget: You can get in the door at the Vikings game for $50, the Wild game for $65 and the Wolves game for $25.

You can buy a $6 all-day pass that gives you unlimited rides on Metro Transit buses and trains. Take the Green Line to TCF Bank Stadium, then over to Target Center, and then to within about half a mile of Xcel Energy Center.

Trains leave every 10 minutes on Sundays; it’s 14 minutes from the TCF Bank Stadium stop (Stadium Village) to the Target Center stop (Warehouse District). It’s 39 minutes from the Warehouse District to the 10th Street Station in St. Paul, then another 10-minute walk to the X. So you’ll miss either the end of the Wolves game or start of the Wild game, but not by much.

• The combo: Let’s say you love the Vikings and the Wolves or the Vikings and the Wild but don’t care about the third wheel. Two out of three games isn’t bad.

Do Vikings/Wolves and get home at a reasonable hour. Do Vikings/Wild and make a Green Line bar crawl out of your late afternoon, with stops at Surly and beyond.

• The single: Keep it simple. The only game that really matters Sunday is Vikings vs. Seahawks. Focus on that.

Get good tickets. Enjoy the game. Maybe find a nice spot afterward and watch the Packers/Redskins game with one eye on Wolves/Suns. Catch the Wild game later, too.

• The couch dent: Respect the fact that it might not be above zero all day Sunday and go nowhere. Do not leave the house.

Hole up in a room with an adequately sized TV and make sure your fridge is stocked with all your favorite foods and beverages. Then binge-watch Minnesota pro sports pretty much nonstop for 10 hours, pausing only to use the bathroom and compose amusing tweets.

Michael Rand