The boys are turning three next week.

This is where I earn my "Slacker" stripes. 

I am not the mom who is obsessing over birthday themes 8 months in advance.  I am not scouring the fabric shops and paper outlets looking for the perfectly coordinated colors and patterns out of which to craft the perfect party favors and decorations.

I'm not even sure the Super Why cupcakes are going to come to fruition by the time next Saturday rolls around.  That would require me to actually pick up some fondant and make a template and do lots of cutting and my head kind of hurts just thinking about it.

Let's cross our fingers I get this one thing done- you at least need Birthday Cake!


Total. Slacker.

When the twins turned 1 we went all out.  We had a Hayride followed up with dinner at my Moms and the tallest, loveliest rainbow cake display you ever laid your eyes on.  It was complete with a 6-layer cake, two 3-layer smash cakes and a smattering of cupcakes.  I spent the entire day before doing nothing but baking cakes and trimming cakes and frosting and freezing and frosting (again) cakes.

Maybe that's what happened- I used up all my birthday mo-jo on those cakes!

Now, all birthdays to follow are going to be simple affairs with nary a party hat or noisemaker to be found.  No special decorations, no fancy invitations sent weeks in advance to all family and friends.  No multi-level cake displays.

And I think I'm OK with that.  Throwing picture perfect parties for the little people is kind of exhausting.  And really- is a toddler going to remember that perfectly mis-matched color scheme or the care you took to choose the square vs the round milk bottles on your milk and cookies table?


It will probably blow up on Pinterest because it's pretty.  But other than that, throwing lavish birthdays just another way to one up each other as moms.  Frankly, I have my hands full with autism and the whole three kids 3 and under thing we've got going. 

I'll sit this one out.

I hope when the boys are older they don't throw it in my face that we "only" took them to the Children's Museum and out to lunch at Boca Chica Taco House when they turned 3 and it ruined their lives because there were no hats or sparkling candles.

Note to self: pick up party hats and sparkling candles.  And fondant.

So what do you do?  Shell-out the big bucks for a party that you just show up to and leave the mess behind?  Slave away over all the little bits and pieces creating a perfectly custom experience to Wow! your guests?  Throw a cake from Target on the table and call it a day?

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